Trump Is In Over His Head

And the wall comes tumbling down!



It appears that President Trump is now in over his head, and sinking fast. Now, I’m a Trumpian, blowing that trumpet like a charge up Little Round Top, but I also have this head full of good old Texas common sense, too.

As the special prosecutor methodically works his way through the maze of spin to what REALLY happened during the election, the women just keep coming out, and members of the cabinet are thrown out of White House windows almost daily, you simply must come to the conclusion that all is not well inside The Beltway.

It seems as if rising to become a close Trump associate is a bit like working for Nero. One day you’re feeding your face, and the next you’re feeding the lions. About the only cabinet member not under scrutiny is Rick Perry, who is most likely putting his campaign for president together. Not of the US, The Republic of TEXAS, because the “Outta Here” movement in Texas has found new life. And the President is so busy swatting them bees that he couldn’t even find time to acknowledge his wife’s birthday, save a card. And ADMITTED it on Fox and Friends! If I had more money than God, and a drop dead gorgeous wife I would had at least had a pizza delivered. Shucks! I’d do that for some chick I picked up in a bar!

Now, I’m not jumping ship, ok? Obama split this country right down the Mississippi River. The “Long Legged Mac Daddy” impressed all the democrats with his “pimpdom.” Hillary was certainly not the answer. The election was like a Chinese Menu. One from column “A” or one from column “B.” Either way you’re getting fried cat! We had to stop the decline of America into complete socialism. Trump seemed like the logical choice.

Trump is not completely out of line. He’s trying to run the government like a business. Government and business. Never the two will meet. Don’t you wanna know why. Well, it’s simple. A business sells a product to people wishing to buy that product. Now, imagine a business that really didn’t have a product, say Obamacare, but opened shop and it was law that you had to pay for said commodity even if you didn’t need, or want it, and if you did, it wasn’t guaranteed you’d get delivery for the next year because the manufacturer was in China, holding shipment because the business hadn’t paid for the last ten orders. . I just described the government business model folks. Stop scratching your heads.

Add to that some five hundred sum odd congressmen/women/persons, (you can’t be too careful these days when addressing people by their supposed gender) living in a gilded cage, thinking such a system is all well and good. Maybe Nero was a bit more on the ball than previously thought. Along comes a New York Real Estate Broker trying to tell them they have to be held accountable. Well! That’s a four syllable word, reserved only for press conferences when congressmen, caught dilly dallying with some teenage girl on Twitter tries to appear “accountable.” The Congress is so out of touch that Paul Ryan just fired the Congressional Chaplin because he suggested in the opening prayer the morning of the epic tax vote that maybe, just maybe we might need to level the playing field a bit so normal Americans can afford Hamburger Helper! You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

In my opinion it’s time for the Tea Party to shine. Everyone is becoming aware that the Trump Train is about to pull into the station, and brothers and sisters, it’s NOT a whistle stop. The Tea Party was originally comprised of disgruntled Americans looking for a better plan. Americans from both sides of the isle. It was such a dynamic concept the entrenched political structure moved mountains to give it the appearance of homogenized Republicans. It’s not! Never has been, never will be. Drinking from the cup of the super pacts’ hemlock, the Tea Party began to take its place among the more “respectable” entities in Washington. Respectful, Washington, I digress. Well, it’s time we remember that WE are the Tea Party, and we’re going to have to heave a few more cases of governmental Tom Foolery over the side. That, or just let Putin run the country. He did pretty good back in 2016!



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