The Sarah Huckabee Sanders Roast

I Don’t Know HOW to Birth No Baby, Mizz Scarlet



Michelle WolfWatched the Sarah Huckabee Roast last night. I usually give wide latitude to comedians. Being a comedy writer myself, I understand the fine line between funny, and offensive. Comedy, especially stand up comedy, has two purposes. To amuse, of course, but if done right, it will make the listener think, and understand subjects that might otherwise be too hard and cumbersome. The comedian’s job is to blend the perfect mix of humor, delivery, sarcasm, and a few familiar facts, topped off with at least one obvious exaggeration to have the audience in stitches.

Michelle Wolf failed these criteria hands down! She took her routine from a form of humor to a brazen attack on the White House Press Secretary. I’m still trying to place where I’ve heard that voice before. As she launched her spot, the audience gave the obligatory laughs required. As I said, I give wide latitude to comics, but as Wolf continued I found myself sailing around the Cape of Good Hope looking for something, anything funny.

As Wolf proceeded, the laughter slowly began to ebb until a substantial portion of the guests were sipping wine in a vain effort to sooth that squawk coming from the podium. Where HAVE I heard that voice before?


“I am diappointed and saddened that my good friend, Michelle Wolf, can no longer be my friend. She went and called our Press Secretary a fat, softball playing lesbian and that’s unnacceptable.” Adam Sandler


Then she focused on Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Making fun of her name, her weight, her makeup, job, integrity, and just about anything she could think of as she continually referred to her notes to keep herself on track. Let me ask you, when was the last time you saw Eddie Murphy on stage reading notes?

The Press Secretary sat there in full view of the press, with quiet dignity, enduring the insults, and Wolf proceeded to bomb. And bomb she did. Before it was over even her notes couldn’t save her as she stumbled through the lines with absolutely no delivery, so consumed with hate, as she was. The audience response continued to wane as the press slowly realized there was an eight hundred pound gorilla in the room. “Shut up Bit! We gotta work with this lady tomorrow!”

Wolf tried to pull the stunt off as a “roast,” but she simply didn’t have the talent to do it. Barack Obama took a friendly jab at Donald Trump during this very same event when he said, “I remember when Donald and I were growing up in Kenya.” It directed the joke at Trump’s campaign on Obama’s birth certificate, poked fun at Trump and himself, and the joke brought down the House. The Donald even gave a wry grin. Ms Wolf needs to learn the first rule of comedy that John Brandt taught me in Nashville. A joke is when you make somebody LAUGH! And, I finally placed that voice! “I don’t know HOW to birth no baby, Mizz Scarlet!” Michelle Wolf has missed her calling! HOUSE “N” word!

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