A Well Placed Bullet

Even a good dog has the right to bite

Joseph DeAngelo

Joseph DeAngelo You gotta love a well placed bullet. The Golden State Killer terrorized California forty years ago. The case was never cold. The killer was crafty, brutal, and then, for some unknown reason, just stopped. No fingerprints, no witnesses that could give solid information, and in this day of technological wonders, no DNA matches. Remember that word, “matches.”

A very persistent investigator took that DNA, did a wide search for matches, and even though he didn’t find an exact match, he began to research back up to three generations, and found “similarities!”

He formed many family trees, and honed them down to one tree, one family, one man. A defrocked ex-cop named Joseph James DeAngelo. The Golden State Killer!

DeAngelo paralyzed California. The question wasn’t IF he’d attack, but when, and where? In the midst of this statewide paranoia, something happened which shows important components of the human survival instinct, and a bit about the wisdom of our founding fathers.

“Sales of locks, dogs and guns soared — doubling in Sacramento County between 1976 and 1977, according to the Sacramento Bee. Daly said burglaries nose-dived during that era; she surmised it was because of the gun sales and burglars knowing that residents were on edge.” The Washington Post

With all the talk about what the words “militia,” and “people” mean in the second amendment, we tend to overlook the time in which that amendment was penned. It wasn’t just British soldiers the delegates were mindful of, it was Indians, highway men and Comancheros! People didn’t live that long back then, and stupid people lived shorter than that!

Gun control supporters always claim the second amendment was meant for muskets, that the framers of the constitution had no idea of the kinds of armaments available today, and that’s true. Things have changed. We don’t have wild Indians attacking. What we do have is school shooters, crazy meth heads, and Joseph James DeAngelo!

Now go back to that quote from the Washington Post. Hoards of people buying guns, in sunny California no less. And what happened? Burglaries went DOWN. Don’t micro-analyze it, it’s right there in black and white! To defend your life is a God given right. Even a good dog has a right to bite.

If constitutional Carry were to be the law of the land, do you not think that might be a consideration for an active shooter, while planning his attack? Don’t you think that might cross a burglar’s mind before he kicks in the door of an elderly couple? Maybe give pause to a rapist, poised to leap from a dark bush while observing that the comely young lass passing by has one hand INSIDE her purse?

There are too many sheep, too few sheep dogs, and the wolves are always out there. Always have been, always will be. Most people are good, some are not, and some are just plain psychotic. A well placed bullet usually alleviates that condition.

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