This Isn’t Some Game

The multi-million dollar, government funded HUNGER GAMES!


This isn’t some game!

“This isn’t some game,” Dowd said, according to two people with knowledge of his comments. “You are screwing with the work of the president of the United States.” Washington Post

Mueller has run his little inquisition just about far enough. During a meeting yesterday, according to two sources, when advised that President Trump was under no obligation to talk to the special council, Mueller responded with the threat of a subpoena! This is an old “cop” trick. When cornered with lack of evidence, a cop will occasionally come back with, “What would you say if I were to say . . .” What would Trump most likely say? “YOU’RE FIRED!” Then, Mr Mueller, your poo poo would be in the wind.

What have we got for our money in the Mueller hunger games? Let’s see. Thirteen Russians who don’t give a damn, and the still unprovable proposition that at some point in his life Donald Trump may have got laid. Only in America folks, only in America. I strongly suspect Mueller learned his craft at the Brigham City, Utah Child Protective Services.

With his trusty sidekick, James (I wasn’t wid dem brothas) Comey, Mueller has attacked America with the jawbone of an ass for months. Supermarket tabloids have based their entire 2018 budget on his shenanigans, pre-empting even the royal family of England in meaningless, trivial stupidity.

Mueller is not Archibald Cox. I suspect he has a fast car from chasing ambulances all these years. He spends millions of YOUR taxpayer dollars looking under every nook and cranny trying to find proof that Trump ate Russian dressing on his salad. We all know they don’t serve Russian dressing at McDonalds!

The product of this democratic dog and pony show is when the President gets up each day, instead of preparing for the upcoming meeting with the two Koreas, instead of securing the border, reconstructing the failed health care bequeathed to him by Obama, instead of balancing trade and putting Americans back to work, he has to address the paranoid ramblings of some twit who leaks forty sum-odd possible questions to the liberal press, as they are gathered at dinner for an attack on his press secretary by some whiney voiced, hatchet faced hack that nobody but them has ever heard of. The liberal press hangs on every word emanating from his lips, rolling on the floor, and rubbing themselves suggestively.

And what is his premise? Russians are a bunch of crooked bastards that lie, cheat, and steal every chance they get. Pam Burns told me that when she met me under the football stand in Copperas Cove, Texas in 1969! And Pam was DUMB! That’s why she was there that night! Hey Mueller, interview her! Ah nevah had sex wid dat woman. I digress.

I don’t agree with firing the special council. I do agree with showing Mueller to the door, but keeping the office forEVER! Gives the democrats something to do besides throwing food stamps over our southern border. No, keep the office, but put it under someone with integrity. Someone well known for articulation. Someone even little children can look up to, as their grandparents look on with pride. I nominate Tommy Chong!

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