Apples and Oranges

The difference between then and now


Jobs and Zuckerberg Somehow I woke up today thinking about Apples and oranges. This is because today is the first day of the rest of my social media life. I announced a couple weeks ago my intended migration away from Facebook to MeWe. Having been on that platform for years, it wasn’t something that could be done in a flash. First, of course, was the announcement of my intention. My decision finalized upon seeing Zuckerberg before the committee.

My easing out of Facebook has not been without issues. Liberals have attacked me, paying homage to their god, Zuckerberg, and showing a total lack of cognitive reason with memes, homosexual pictures, and personal insults. During this process, I realized liberals on Facebook simply cannot construct a paragraph! Doing that requires growing up during an era where you had to read books, and actually turn the pages, a technique millennials just don’t have!

You must understand that I once worked at Apple Computer. I was close in to the methods, philosophy, and the image that was projected from within to the public at large. Steve Jobs was the CEO at the time, and although he had his moments, I found him to be a calculating, astute businessman. Practically everything that came out of that era is still with us today. I’m writing this on an iPhone. Most likely you are reading it on an iPhone, or iPad, or a clone of some sort by a company that followed Steve’s lead.

There were many innovations that perplexed the public back then. The scrapping of the Apple operating system, and replacing it with OS X was one such move. “MacHeads” were fiercely loyal. Taking OS 9.22 away was comparable to removing all the Bibles from a Baptist Church, and replacing them with Superman comic books. The funny part was OS X wasn’t ready. It was a shell piggybacked on top of 9.22, which was still the heart of the Mac system, and if you didn’t start 9.22 first, and then run X on top of it you’d be severely limited.

Why did Steve do this? Well, some years before he let a guy named Bill Gates into his cyber warehouse, and Bill ripped him up one side and down the other. Steve knew that Microsoft was working on a new form of Windows, scrapping its classic version. Apple was struggling at the time to stay in the game, and if Windows XP got a head start, Apple would be on the scrap heap of history right under BetaMax Video recorders.

Steve produced the illusion of a new, super slick operating system that only had one problem. It didn’t work. It was a system he’d developed while in exile after being out maneuvered by John Sculley, the guy he’d hired from Pepsi Cola. When he came back, Apple’s bankruptcy papers were practically on the table. Steve dangled a carrot he called “X” before the board of directors, and became dictator for life. But “X” wasn’t finished. No problem. Steve had a plan. We got lots of overtime answering trouble calls, and making notes in the Knowledge Base, which in turn guided the programmers and technicians toward completing the operating system.

Steve knew that Apple could not go head to head against Microsoft. We were playing poker with food stamps. Bill Gates, on his way to a new windows platform, developed, and scrapped a complete OS, Longhorn. He wasted more money doing that one move than Apple had in its entire budget, and didn’t miss a beat. Steve had to diversify into areas Gates didn’t have his fingers in, and didn’t consider it to be a competitive move.

During a round table discussion a small device was introduced. It was an MP3 player capable of holding hundreds of songs, not just the ten or twenty held by other devices on the market at that time. Then came iTunes, a music service supporting the device. All Steve had to do was redefine the music publishing industry, skirt BMI and ASCAP, and do it without Gates catching on. Gates was drilling down on making windows work. The fact of the matter was OSX did run better than XP once it was complete. It was open source, while Gates hid the inner workings of XP like a jealous lover. The only problem was not enough people were using it. Apple had to get regular people to use its products without having to be MacHeads or LINUX geeks. The music was great, but Apple had to grab a market that made its product an appliance, not just a pretty toy. No problem! Steve just took the iPod, renamed it iPHONE, put it in the back jean pocket of practically every teenage girl in America, and later, the world. OSX grew from its humble UNIX roots to that iOS update you got in your email today.

So, what does all this have to do with Mark Zuckerberg? Steve Jobs was an innovator, a visionary, a businessman who knew the nuts and bolts of every one of his products. Mark Zuckerberg is a skinny nerd, sitting on his briefcase trying to explain to Ted Cruz why his political ideology has leeched into every aspect of Facebook. He deflected questions that were clearly over his head. Steve could have told the senator except how the iPhone worked in language he could understand. I might add there would not be any malware installed on that phone to suppress any political thought! In my time at Apple  never heard any talk about customer’s political affiliations, sexual orientation, and most certainly sell customer information to people trying to influence a presidential election.

THAT’S why I left Facebook. I realized that the company was NOT social media. Social media simply has to be, well, SOCIAL. Facebook gave the illusion of this, when in point of fact it was just a huge data mining machine. Even as a lot of users were waking up to the reality of “Facebook Jail,” the company was able to keep up the charade until Diamond and Silk. The censoring of Diamond and Silk was like General Patton entering a Nazi concentration camp. You simply couldn’t ignore the stench. And the liberal press gave Zuckerberg indulgence after indulgence. The top news story today was yet again Stormy Daniels and her one hundred and thirty thousand fee for a one night stand, just above one about Mueller looking for more Russians. Facebook admitted taking MILLIONS from Russian trolls, and the Main Stream Media just yawned, and said, “So what?”

MeWe will struggle as it, like Apple, develops its platform in the face of the communist, perverted monolith known as Facebook. As for myself, my small part is to finally completely leave. Being an old MacHead, I relish in being a part of the development of the new platform. I know that somewhere there are some kids living on tuna fish sandwiches and beer, making this work. I also know that if they listen real close they will hear Steve Jobs telling them, “Remember, always give them ‘one more thing! His cue for the announcement of a new product.

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