From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

No Ifs, No Ands, No Butts!


From the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. Scouts!!!!

New Boy Scout Uniform I say okay, let’s go all the way. Girl Scouts have to go as well. I mean let’s play this game. They want to confuse the kids more, they want genderless societies, okay, lets go. But and here’s the butt! Women can no longer claim Womens rights, Since we’re a genderless society, there are no more women’s rights, that would be classifying you as a gender.

They have no more rights than their male counterpart, I mean seriously, if they want to play this BS game, Let’s go all the way with it. Let the freaking games begin, Think I’ll find a lawyer Monday and start working on removing the word “girl” from Girl Scouts…boys wanna be girls, girls wanna be boys, women wanna be men. Men turned into six year old girls, I mean WTH?  Folks it’s this simple. Take off your clothes, look in the mirror.  If there’s a resemblance of a third leg hanging between the two longer legs, and a pouch with two golf ball size whatevers, youre a freaking BOY or a MAN. If not, you’re  a WOman, or a young lady.

Learn the difference. It’s basic Science and Biology. But hell, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas! I would probably fail Biology today anyways with this new genderless society in the making.

By the way, I earned the Arrow of Light. The highest of the Scouts Award. I was a Cub Scout, Weblo and Boy Scout and Later a United States Marine!


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