There’s a Storm a Coming

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SNL Skit

SNL SkitA Storm is a Coming? So quoted the highest paid call girl in America on Saturday Night Live. Alex Baldwin, you remember, the guy who was too stupid to turn his game off during takeoff, did another one of his pasty, off color skits of President Trump for SNL’s hyper-liberal audience, while Stormy Daniels strutted her well broken in stuff.

This is the complete evolution of liberal humor. Dry one liners, perceived as news for the Tide Pod Generation. I actually think Bill Mahr is funny. During his show on HBO, his opening monologue can be great, even if you don’t agree with a single word the man says. He will frequently have guests that he adamantly disagrees with, but the interaction is priceless. Bill understands humor. Make people laugh, and consider by bringing complex issues down to a simple level.

Baldwin is NOT a comedian. He’s a fair actor. And Daniels is, well, she is what she is. And it shows! She makes Chelsea Clinton look sexy. She makes HILLARY look sexy. I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but I’ve BEEN to 6th Street, ok? I’ve SEEN “Stormys” running up and down the back alleys. About the only good thing I can say is Baldwin has finally found his soul mate. That, and he can afford her price.

Trump denies any involvement with Daniels. Don’t you wanna know why? Well, it’s the Butcher’s rule of romantic involvement. Y’all start writing these down. I gave you the law of diminishing returns yesterday. As we go along these will add up to a complete philosophy, suitable for wrapping fish in. Ok, here goes.

When I’m accused of any kind of sexual impropriety, I always inquire as to the young lady’s appearance. Was she pretty? If the answer is yes, then I confess the affair. Hey! I’m a sixty-six year old guy with a gimp leg. I need all the publicity I can get! If I’m told the girl looks like Stormy Daniels, I never met the bit! That way I may go down, but I’ll go down looking good.

So, ask yourself, if Brittany Spears, or that Cyrus kid accused Trump, I’d give you a dollar to a donut the reaction may have been different. Even Bill Clinton’s sister wives looked better.

The bottom line is SNL’s Baldwin skits are NOT funny. Now they’ve gone on past boring to outright offensive, so much so that Joe Piscopo even cried foul! Now Stormy was funny. Classic street walker in a red dress. As I set up the art for this article I looked for a street lamp to hang over her head, but didn’t need it. Shucks, she was standing right there with her pimp. Yep! There’s a storm a coming. There was one in Noah’s day too.

Bill the Butcher
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