Attention Democrats: Forget the Fantasies of Impeachment

My advice to the Democrats is simple. LET IT GO! YOU LOST, GET OVER IT AND LET IT GO before this becomes very ugly for our nation, and many innocent people get hurt because of your deceitful, and treacherous vindictiveness.


Dear Democrats: In case you missed the memo, last November of 2016, Donald J. Trump of New York won the Presidency.

That would mean that some 63-million Americans voted for Mr. Trump, and he won the electoral college (as per the Constitution) in a resounding fashion. Today, President Trump is enjoying an approval rating of somewhere between 50-52% (depending on the poll you read) which means that over 150-million Americans approve of the job performance. In other words, Donald J. Trump is popular, and you are not.

There has been much talk lately that the Democrat Party plans on making a run at impeaching this President if and when you win back the House of Representatives. To send the message to the flock, (in an almost daily occurrence) Congresswoman Maxine Waters finds a television camera to recite her mantra of “Impeach 45.” Not that a Congresswoman with an IQ of somewhere around room temperature is threatening, it is a bit irritating to see her get so much airtime when she has nothing productive to say. Then there is California Billionaire Tom Styer purchasing millions of dollars worth of airtime to run these advertisements.

America is Fed Up!

Democrats, do not misunderstand. America is sick and tired of your daily attacks on President Trump. Never in our history have we had a President that was not given a chance to be President except this one.

  • America is tired of you Democrats lying without so much as an apology for doing so.
  • America is tired of your crybaby political correctness and using it to push your leftist and socialist agenda.
  • America is tired of the mainstream media lying about both the President and the news on a near-daily basis.
  • America is tired of you weak-willed and spineless Republicans not keeping your promises and continuing to sell out to the Democrats.

President Trump has achieved overwhelming success in his first year-and-half as POTUS of this nation. His performance on tax-reform has been exceedingly popular, not to mention his popularity has soared because all of America is enjoying the benefits of the tax-cut. His tough stand on illegal aliens invading our borders has also struck a chord with most Americans, and they are in support of his policies. If nothing else in the President’s first term, he has kept his promise of bringing jobs back to our land. Millions of jobs have been created as a direct result of his tax-policy. Millions more have been pledged by major corporations who are currently in the process of relocating back to the United States from overseas.

With Trump’s tough stand on North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia, the border, and more, his popularity as indeed soaring into uncharted territory for him. So, what does this mean for the Democrats efforts to impeach if they do indeed win back the House in November?

Unfortunately for our nation, I do believe they will, in fact, will try to run the impeachment play. With Democrat Party big donors like Styer, the Hollywood leftists, and half the House calling for, the Dem’s don’t have much of a choice, else they lose their base if they don’t. This leaves our nation with a huge problem.

On a recent trip down to Texas on business, I happened to meet a gentleman that is very “plugged into” politics and the Texas Militia. The Texas Militia is not someone whom you trifle with. These guys and gals are some 50,000 strong and mean business when it comes to their missions. This particular person and I began a conversation about all of this impeachment talk and even went so far as to delve into the 25th Amendment which is also being discussed. This is the Amendment that deals with the Presidents cabinet voting to remove him if they don’t feel as though he is mentally stable enough, or other health reasons cause the President to be unable to perform his duties.

To hear what this Militia Man said next was nothing short of shocking to me. I was then informed that the orders had already gone out to prepare to move on Washington, D. C. if they do indeed seek to remove the President. In other words, the Texas Militia has already developed their plan to protect Donald Trump if anyone tries to remove him from office. To be clear, this person told me that the Militia would put the word out to the other militias around our nation, the Texas militia will move to surround the White House and will start a full-scale conflict if need be to prevent Trump from being removed from office.

Patriots; The Texas Militia is but one, how many from Georgia or South Carolina will go? You have about the same number of militiamen in Michigan and Pennsylvania. All of these militiamen feel that Donald Trump was duly elected and Robert Mueller along with the Deep-State are trying nothing short of a soft-coup to remove President Trump.

At the risk of sounding like a tin-foil-hat theorist, the militiamen are willing to start a full-scale war to protect the POTUS.

The fact is, everyone now knows that Hillary Clinton’s dossier on Trump was faked. Everyone knows that the taxpayers are now footing a multi-million dollar legal bill based solely on a falsified document. Everyone now knows that Robert Mueller is a wild-goose chase desperately trying to find something to build an impeachment case against this White House.

My advice to the Democrats is simple. LET IT GO! YOU LOST, GET OVER IT AND LET IT GO before this becomes very ugly for our nation, and many innocent people get hurt because of your deceitful, and treacherous vindictiveness.


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