Didn’t Like The Nuclear Deal so Iran

WW (You pick a number)


Trump I didn’t Like the nuclear deal so Iran. Before I begin, I want to apologize for being so late today. As you know, I flew into Salt Lake yesterday, and it took me most of the day to find an Indian with a smoke signal strong enough to get online. Now that I’ve gotten that up and running, I’d like to announce my upcoming weddings. The dates are set for September 11th, October 31st, and December 12th. Each date is symbolic. September 11th is my birthday. Of course you know Halloween. December 12th is the day my first ex-wife left me. I call that “Independence Day.” I don’t have any candidates yet, but while here in Brigham City, I’m going to swing by Lindsey Park and take applications.

Since when did America pay protection to ragheads so they won’t bomb us? Seems that President Trump does the most logical things that fly right over the left’s heads. Things like enforce immigration laws, don’t give food stamps to young men doing push ups in front of the welfare office, and don’t pay blackmail to radical Islamic nations as they shout, “Death to America!”

And what about the European Union? Iran is putting a lot of stock in them. Back when half of them were chicken frying the other half they didn’t HAVE an opinion. Now that they’re all Muslim countries all the sudden, they’re a world power. Aloha Salad Bar.

Y’all remember WWIII? You know, about a month ago when Trump lit up Syria’s world, and Putin had so much to say? Neither do I. Guess Iran will be WWIV. By the way, Putin’s coming to lunch at the White House. Mueller’s gonna be the waiter.

Guess the “End of The World” Korean situation didn’t pan out either. When I saw the two leaders of North and South Korea swapping spit at the border, I thought I was watching gay porn. In a way I was right. Word is Kim had a Chinese suppository stuck. . . well, you know. Anyway, looks like no WWV either.

Have you figured it out yet? ForEVER, every time the Illuminati wants to push an agenda they have one of their talking heads start in about WW, you pick a number. I have a conspiracy theory. Nuclear bombs don’t work. All the people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were involved in a huge conspiracy. At a secret signal, they all set off bombs to give the illusion of an atom bomb. Then, they were all secretly brought to California, hidden in camps for the duration of WWII. Then they were given Toyota stock and merged into the general population. You don’t believe that? You believe Bruce Gender was the woman of the year, don’t you? I outta be president!

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