The Ignored American Dumpster Fire – Inflation

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Why can’t everyone see high inflation themselves, if it’s so high?

Before you dismiss the finding as “fear mongering,” the invisibility of inflation is easily explained:  Most people ignore inflation for 4 reasons:

  • Because inflation is hidden by government’s trillion dollar “insurance” and subsidies to the most inflationary products like medical care, pharmacy, and housing prices.
  • Because most people have been “upward moving” in the wage earnings, their wage growth outpaces inflation for much of their adult life.
  • Because everyone sees a different “inflation” based on what products they purchased recently.  If you haven’t purchased a car or house in the last 5 years, the last 4 years of car and house price inflation won’t be visible to you.  If you’re young and don’t have a major medical issue for 10 years – you won’t see major medical inflation the last 9 years.  “Not my problem, Atlas.”   Oh, yes it is.
  • But primarily, for those getting a government benefit or subsidy, the recipients adamantly refuse to acknowledge their unfunded benefit is the root cause of inflation, and thus criticize their benefactors in government.  Fifty percent of the US is directly rewarded to deny inflation is much higher.  Plus, all those who don’t want those benefits to disappear for themselves in the future, will cheer to expand benefits, even if paid with un-backed, inflation-causing currency.

So, just because YOUR inflation seems low, it does not mean everyone’s inflation is low.  On average, we can show inflation is much higher than that reported by the BLS, according to the objective analysis provided below.

The Ignored American Dumpster Fire

Now, let me warn you, this is a troubling finding.  This is an America Dumpster Fire, uglier than slavery, but far more damaging, because the entire society is being made into slaves, not just a portion.

Thus, it qualifies as the most important type of truth:  The discovery and exposure of a massive government lie, which manifests a deceptive form of enslavement through debasing of our currency.  Even Keynes warned of this monetary decadence –

“…the process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.”

Keynes is saying monetary creation, and the resulting byproduct of debasement – inflation – are the perfect fraud scheme. Unlimited money creation is unlimited government power, which means unlimited subjugation of the populace. Keynes is right.

Do You Have Certain Proof It Is Harmful, Atlas?

The inflation effect of creating more currency is so certain, it was used against the Confederacy in the Civil War, by Samuel Upham.  Certainly, the counterfeit currency Upham sent to the South was not considered “aiding the enemy” by the North – it was considered destructive to their ENEMY’S currency!  Yet, now our government proclaims creating currency is healthy.   Both can’t be true.  And we know the Samuel Upham reference is a guaranteed true story.

There are “experts” who will say FED printing and Treasury borrowing are “not the same thing,” but they are liars.   Creating more currency is the same the borrowing by the Treasury, and the purchase of bad debt by the FED – but each of them are forms of debt which we have no means of ever repaying, thus they are unbacked forms of currency.

Don’t Be Ridiculous – You Can’t Fake Inflation, Atlas

So you’re one of the other “999,999 out of a million” people who can’t see the fraud scheme Keynes was talking about?  Read on.

Inflation is Federally legalized theft of tiny amounts of the money you’re making, and all the money you’ve saved – theft by imperceivably tiny amounts each day as the FED and Treasury pump “fake money.” Printing money is just like printing more stocks: Both creations dilute the value of the “outstanding shares” by fractions as each new share – or dollar – is printed.  It is of mathematical certainty.

To hide the decay of the value of each dollar, the friendly “Fake News” outlets – in this case the Federal BLS Consumer Price Index Statistics – uses “fake weighting” of product prices to formulate “fake inflation” results.

I found the widespread evidence of the government hiding true inflation results when I did my economic research from 2000-2014.  The BLS did it by under-weighting the high inflation products in America.  Reputable analysts like John Williams of ShadowStats had the most thorough analysis.  And a new, independent analysis article just came out, I linked it below.

Show Me The Money, Atlas

For example, the US spends around 20% of its GDP on medicine, so you might think the average American’s total health care inflation is weighted in the ball park of 20%, right?  No, it’s 0000000.753%, far too low to be accurate for the average American.  The link to the BLS table is below, if this sounds too hard to believe.

(Product Weighting tables on Page 106 “Health Insurance: 0.753” )

The impact of this is staggering:  Tens of millions of WORKING Americans go to bed each night imagining they are making money on the stock market, getting richer by working, and trying to reduce their debt.  But all these healthy, productive behaviors are made into losing efforts now, the lie of inflation is stealing all their rewards in the dead of night.  Inflation is more like 8.8% per year, not the 1-2% numbers the BLS announces every quarter.  I linked to the article which derives the 8.8% estimate below.

Winners And Losers

Yes, the government, and those living on its benevolence, are graaaaduuuualllly enslaving us all through inflation, and the proof is irrefutable, by making the fruits of their labor less valuable each night.

But, inflation makes everyone poorer, no matter where your money comes from. Even the people getting government benefits are being deluded and enslaved.  Eventually those giving something for nothing, want something back.  Socialists never end up with Mother Teresa.  They end up with Mao, Hitler and Stalin.

Socialists are always buying votes in order to increasingly impoverish and control the populace, not because they care for the people. Clearly the serial liars, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, are not Mother Teresa. They buy votes – while at the same time devaluing the handouts, so small numbers of people become more dependent on the government each day, slowly passing into poverty level income without consciously feeling the transition into dependency.

The more investments you have, the more inflation hurts you.  Yet, the majority of people remain resistant to the truth.  Willfully self-deluded.  Rewarded delusion. Yes, most people choose to delude themselves they are “winning.”  My rich liberal friends imagine they “beat the system,” which famous liberal economist Maynard Keynes says is a fraud scheme less then one-in-a-million people can detect!  Those who are bragging they won are called shills in the con game.  They are salesman for the con game.  “Take the money and run” is their motto, they’re proud they fooled everyone else in the giant fraud scheme they know is in play – if you simply ask them a few cross exam questions, which I did for years and still do.

Rich folks KNOW the inflation con game is in play – but they gleefully proclaim they beat the system.  Remember Lenin said “we’ll sell them the rope to hang them with.”  He knew how greedy capitalists fall for socialism’s “crony capitalism.”

Willfully Self Deluded?  Show Me The Justification, Atlas

Why would those not confronting inflation be justifiably called willfully deluded?

  • The BIGGEST Reason: As with any investment scheme, the ones already invested aren’t anxious to declare their banks corrupted and their savings going down instead of up, after factoring in real inflation.  Nobody likes to hold up an “I got fooled” sign – nor hasten the precipitation of the final collapse.
  • When I ask profit-takers about inflation – they evade the truth in the argument as if they already knew about the solid proof, and have willfully decided to ignore it.
  • The average person simply lacks courage enough to fight against this pile of lies. It’s easier to “believe” the government numbers.
  • Normalcy bias.  In thousands of conversations I’ve had, they say things like ‘Everyone else thinks inflation is normal, I will too.’  ‘I’d look stupid to speak out.’  And, I “don’t have time” to check the facts.
  • Self delusion makes sense by inspection, too: It also seems perfectly normal for a human to have to consciously make a choice not to check on 8% of their income disappearing every year, and to keep telling skeptics they don’t care about it.
  • Honesty demands we admit most of the “fake money” based federal benefits are widely distributed, so they go into most Americans’ pockets in some way.  Candy for everyone.
  • Very few women I meet, and maybe only 30% of males I know, are acknowledging we are federally hosting the same monstrous inflation generating policy now ravaging Venezuela.  The people that “get it” are also VERY smart and honest people.

So What Do I Do, Now That I Know Inflation is really 8-10%?

So what do you do, now that you know you’re being ripped off ?

  • Inflation is really 8-10%
  • The government printing money is MATHEMATICALLY CERTAIN and CAUSAL to inflation
  • The higher estimate of inflation is consistent with multiple alternate analyses
  • The deception method of mis-weighting inflation components has been shown to you
  • You now know why people most ignore it
  • Even the liberal Maynard Keynes said it is a great fraud scheme
  • The North debauched the South’s currency in the Civil War, to destroy its value

The average American simply walks away from this “2×4 blow of truth to the forehead.”   Desiring to be “Comfortably Numb,” the WORKERS who are still “getting ahead” refuse to accept the government is enslaving them, instead of enabling them.   And for the 57% of people already getting the TRILLIONS of dollars of Federal handouts, who are they to complain they are being progressively made poorer by the same people sending them their checks?

The ONLY way to stop this is a  Or the whippings will increase, because slavery is on the march again in ‘merica.  The fiscal sodomy of inflation is hiding behind the curtain of fake inflation numbers.

And Venezuela is where inflation’s inevitable ravages are now being exposed. Their current news is your future, unless you act now.

When Money Dies: In Venezuela, A Haircut Costs 5 Bananas And 2 Eggs  Sign the petition.  Donate.  Volunteer.  Lead.

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