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The Tea Party Tribune was down for maintenance for several days. This put a little kink in my weekly game plan, but you must adapt to all situations. I developed my other avenues during this time.

The Tribune is a large part of my public persona. The layout is very good. Obviously, the readers are conservative because, well, look what they’re reading! That having been said, my followers on this paper are not a bunch of old fuddy-duddies. They hold to tried and true axioms of main stream America, but are by no means suffering from Alzheimer’s. I am proof of that. Readers of the Tea Party Tribune will embrace new ideas IF they are solid ideas, and not some half baked theories coming from someone with a Tide Pod in their mouth.

If conservatives weren’t like that America would truly be “New England!” The people on the Mayflower came here because the “Old England” didn’t work. People were born in a social status, and remained there until they died, unless they became Robin Hood, or some deviation thereof. When America became bogged down in over thinking God gave us Texas!

I have labored doing public relations for the Tribune. In the beginning liberals would reject my articles off hand simply because of the title of the newspaper they were published under. Little by little the kids started reading. And they read good! They realized that true conservatives are all about personal freedom. Live like you wanna live! Just don’t tell anyone else how they should live. Your freedom ends at the tip of your nose. Don’t surrender that freedom to any government under the guise of being for “your own good!”

A good example of this happening is the Mormons. I’m fascinated with the Church of Latter Day Saints Of Jesus Christ. What intrigued me the most is how it evolved from Porter Rockwell to Justin Bieber. The Church sold its soul to the Federal Government for statehood. I’ll explain. Under the concept of Joseph Smith all souls are pre-existent. These souls must be brought down to earth to take bodies in order to “do their time” and eventually face Heavenly Father, and that great cash register in the sky. For the most worthy to do this with expediency multiple “situations” are required.

Brigham Young

Polygamy was not rampant in early Utah. Of course well positioned members such as Brigham Young had more wives than a dog has fleas. Less substantial members typically set upon one. The question of “The Principle” loomed large in the admission of the Utah Territory into the Union. Now, your aversion to this practice notwithstanding, how can you equate what is basically the elimination of a religious tenet of faith in order to fall in step with an increasingly overreaching government with the same government, years later, blessing the union of two men, or women? The word you’re looking for is “hypocrisy!” I’m not saying gays shouldn’t be allowed the freedom to live their lifestyle. I’m just saying that everyone else has that right, also.

We are all liberal, AND conservative. To march in lock step with no adjustments to philosophy is a death roll for any civilization. We should welcome thinking liberals in order to share ideas. There are two sides to the isle in Congress. To date, I’ve seen no wall between the parties no matter what Maxine Waters May say. I believe that leading this renaissance of American thought are publications such as the Tea Party Tribune. I’m proud to be a part of that movement.

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