The Measure Of Belief

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The Measure of Belief

Whenever a person says “I think this and such”, I listen with interest, but when the same person says “I believe,” I listen attentively. My experience is that a person is much more likely to act on belief rather than thought.

Children, acting on faith, write letters to Santa Claus. Parents pray fervently for the return of lost children, but by Harry they get out and look for them too! Men, and women, fight against unlikely odds for a life that they believe they should continue. So it is with considerable skepticism that I hear Americans say “I believe the U.S. embassy should be in Jerusalem.”

They may think the embassy should be in Jerusalem, but comparatively, the fifty-four Palestinians who died protesting that event, along with the 1600 who were injured, many of whom may die also protesting said event, believed it should have remained in Tel Aviv.

Americans don’t believe squat nowadays; I give you MAGA. No, really, you can have it. Seriously, it’s yours. The much ballyhooed MOAR (Mother Of All Rallies) was a joke! Before it was over the organizers had to incorporate a speaker from Black Lives Matter to keep those who DID show up from slipping off to the mall. We think hitting a key to “like” something, or, God forbid, unlike it conveys the strength of our principles. Truth is, we just ain’t got it anymore. My point is, next time you sneer at a Muslim, just make sure you do it from the relative safety of Facebook, because brother, one thing is for sure, they believe!

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Now, there is a prevailing thought in America that people who are willing to engage in violence to defend their beliefs are somehow unhinged; radical, or insane. I think that perspective is brought about by a kind of contentedness, or perhaps a sense that things could get worse if someone rocks the boat. For my own part, I don’t care if they put the U.S. embassy to Israel in Bee Bee’s bathroom. I certainly wouldn’t risk so much as a hair on my neighbor’s head over it, and I don’t even like my neighbor. So, it worries me a little that so many people were willing to die, or risk death over something so meaningless to Americans (you may like it, but remember, you wouldn’t actually risk anything over it, hence, meaningless).

It worries me even more that our president did it anyway. I noticed Israelis not wearing a uniform didn’t risk anything either. That means…yep, that rotten egg smell means politics, and folks, that means that this will probably cost us something anyway. Square one for America, no taxation without representation! We will likely be taxed in more than one way for this, and not one of us gives a rotten fig for where the gosh darn embassy is! So, think on this, where ever you think our embassy to Israel should be, what do you believe? and just how much do you believe it?

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The Butcher’s Corner

I’d like to give you a scenario. Now, this is for Texans only, you Nortés can stop reading at this point. Imagine, this morning, the US, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, and all the other white folks decided to declare the land between the Rio Grande and the Nueces Rivers was to be the Nation of Grande Quivera. All the wetbacks therein received towels, and were now citizens of that newly sovereign nation. All property deeds, some dating back to the King of Spain were now nullified, and deeded to the former interlopers.

A wall is constructed, and any Texan crossing that wall will be dealt with immediately. All Baptist Churches therein were converted to Taco Bells, and trade between Grande Quivera and Texas is expressly forbidden. As an added blessing America moves its embassy to the Alamo. I know, I know, the Alamo is north if the Nueces, but while you stealing land, shucks, who’s counting, right? It wouldn’t be long before the Texas Militia would come pouring over that wall, and dragging everyone darker than them behind pickups up and down the street!

We’d all be called crazy terrorists. Like William Barrett Travis, Sam Houston, Crockett, Bowie, and David Koresh! I know this is a simplistic view of world events, but then, I’m just A Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin.

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