Shut The Front Door

“It’s been happening everywhere, I always figured it would happen here too,” Santa Fe student


Texas School ShootingShut The Front Door! More than a month ago I was warning of a school shooting in Texas. I figured it would be in Killeen. Well, here it is! Why? Because we’re lazy and stupid. AR15? Nope! Old fashioned shotgun, and plain old police special. Crazy kid? Maybe. When he wasn’t on the honor roll. What did he excel in? Well, it damn sure wasn’t competitive target shooting. Schools are a gun free zone! There’s that word. Gun free zone? Bingo!

Shut the front door! It’s as simple as that. Make a school rule that no one can bring a gun to school. Wait! We already have that. Then why do we have active shooters in schools? Because of the generation the schools have been grooming them for the last thirty years. Now, swat them bees!

Teachers are oh so innocent. While they teach disobedience to parents, homosexuality, hating on the president, and then stand there snake amazed when little Johnny comes in and busts a cap on them. The same teachers saying they’ll never have a gun IN their desk end up hiding UNDER their desk while little Johnny gives them a “pop” quiz on Life!

Home schools don’t tend to get shot up. The public school system has seen its day. The little red school House was the norm back when, but with the Information Age, kids learn more from Facebook than from some tri-sexual wannabe social scientist. Folks, I’m not kidding. My kids went to public school in Brigham City, and the only thing they learned is that Temple Worthy kids, and Gentile kids should not intermarry. I crappith thee not!

You will not stop school killings until you secure the schools. Notice I said “killings!” That’s because guns don’t kill people. Fat nerds that can’t get laid kill people. In Killeen, not one metal detector has been installed since I suggested appropriating some from the county courthouse. I asked who was more important, kids, or pedophile judges. Well, the people have spoken. The idea of spending a dime on the kids benumbs them.

If we’re going to keep the doors open to child sex trafficking, i.e. the pubic school system, then we’d better keep the little girls alive at least long enough to be “wifed up!” Every parent should refuse to put their children in that kind of danger, and keep their kids home until the school is at least as safe as a dog pound. I can’t imaging having to look into Puck’s dead eyes telling her that I was sorry. The city park bond issue was more important. We seriously need to Shut The Front Door! God rest the souls of the dead in Santa Fe, and bless the hearts of their survivors.


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