America Is Having A Heart Attack!

The problem is NOT guns! America is sick!



America Is Having A Heart Attack!

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said he planned to hold roundtable discussions starting Tuesday on how to make schools Charles Whitman more secure. One idea he and other state officials mentioned was limiting the number of entrances to the facilities. Rep. Randy Weber (R-Tex.) said Congress eventually would consider legislation focused on “hardening targets and adding more school metal detectors and school police officers.”

There are so many ideas on how to stop school shootings that the result is a virtual hodgepodge of squabbling inactivity! The answer is as plain as the nose on your face. Blind man could see it in an instant. The problem is not guns. School shootings stop when the second gun shows up. Fact! These are not your textbook active shootings. Kids shooting kids.

Aurora, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, none of these has any resemblance to school shootings. As irrational as any mass shooting is, a school shooting progresses to the next level. While the police dig for motive in Las Vegas, the motive for Santa Fe is right up front. Bullying!

Sounds so trivial, doesn’t it? We’ve all been there. I had a kid, Vance, in the fourth grade who beat me up every recess. Once day I discovered Vance had a glass jaw. Let me tell you, it wasn’t sex, but it was damn close!

What made the Santa Fe Shooter use a gun instead of his fists? CNN! The Main Stream Media had exemplified a virtual floor plan for the successful school shooter. Video games provide dry runs. Unfortunately the there is no ALT-CTRL-DEL. The dead do not resurrect. Lives, and history are changed forever. The student, who one day may be working in a laboratory at Baylor/Scott & White on a single immunization that ends AIDS lays bleeding in a school room floor. All those future AIDS deaths lie at the feet of a closet homosexual who got his feelings hurt in high school!

This is the Heart Attack America is suffering. We’ve always had guns, especially in Texas. The kid in Galveston used a squirrel gun, and an old fashioned police special. He could have just as easily used a pellet gun, or a knife, or even a letter opener. The fact is while the little girls were crying, and begging for their lives he walked tall for a short time.

God was expelled from schools years ago. When God was in class, the “FFA” (Future Farmers Of America) students had rifles and shotguns in the back window of every pickup truck in Texas. Trivia: It was those kinds of people who kept Charles Whitman’s head down at the University of Texas on that hot summer day back in 1966.

Morality, parenting, non-interference by government agencies, i.e. schools, CPS, “social workers” and the like is what is required. Dr Spock was a fool. His mother should have sat on him when he was born. Lesbian Child Protective case workers trying to teach Maria Sanchez how to cook tortillas for her bambinos is nuts! Felony charges on a father for delivering a good belt whipping to a boy with a smart mouth is a waste of money, and courtrooms. I hate to be the first one to tell you people this.

Gun control won’t work. In spite of what I’ve said previously, metal detectors won’t work either. The next killer will just use a Ginseng carving knife. We have to come up with a national defibrillator, and put America’s Heart back in rhythm. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints just pulled out of the Boy Scouts because the Boy Scouts can’t identify what a boy is any more. The anti-American, anti-God influences in this country are so insidious that when I typed the words “Jesus Christ” just now it did NOT auto fill in spite of the dozens of times I’ve written His Name on this iPhone. Mohammed gives no such problem. It just auto corrected after the letters “M” and “O!” THAT is the problem friends and neighbors.

Don’t be afraid to be an AmeriCAN! Don’t be afraid to discipline your kids. Don’t be afraid to stand up to the school board, and tell them you do not want subversives, sexual deviates, or social activists teaching your children and removing the words of Thomas Jefferson from our textbooks. Teach the constitution in our schools, and then apply that constitution to everything you think, do, and say. Make the deaths of our children count for SOMETHING! Give America a heart transplant! Until then the guns will roar, and the pain will continue.

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