The Lessons Of Santa Fe

Don’t put a price on a child


My team and I have drilled down on the Santa Fe shooting. I’ve made my beliefs clear as have Chappy Gypsy, Brother Theo and others I’ve met with and spoke to. Gun control is NOT the answer. When I suggested metal detectors for the schools in Killeen, I was told the expense would prevent such an action. There’s no problem building football stadiums however.

School shootings are becoming the fashion. Gun control groups leap to the second amendment. THAT’S why legislators are stymied. No one is going to go there. Does the Left come up with real solutions. Certainly not. David Hogg and Emma Gonzales are making too much money on speaking tours advocating an impossible proposition for that.

Whenever anyone brings up the psychotropic common denominator they are quickly shouted down by the anti-gun wing. Psychiatric practice has been reduced to a pill. While some people need to be sedated, my own granddaughter being one, a kid being bullied does not require a psychedelic cocktail. They need good, sound therapy to learn to get through life.

Life is hard. The first breath is hard. Each breath after that is not guaranteed, and one day that breath will not come. It’s called life! If the young man at Santa Fe had not done such an unspeakable act, he may have gone on to form a business, and made all those bullies “suck it” as he sipped fine wine beside his swimming pool. We will never know. His fate, and the fate of the dead, is sealed.

I agree with the Left that this is becoming redundant. I do not agree that gun control is the answer. Tomorrow, right here in Killeen, Texas, school bells will ring. Students will file in to go to class. Not one will be checked for a gun. Adults will come in later for various reasons, and will not be challenged at the unlocked front door. Just like I did TODAY!

Metal detectors won’t cure it all. You need cops. If you can’t budget in at least one police officer per school you need to fire your police force and close the schools. This rampage could end tomorrow. There is no reason an active shooter should get past the office. There is no reason he should even get in through the door. Locked doors with surveillance cameras, and a button so the police officer can allow entry. If someone tries to breach security they should be treated with the same method the army employs at the gates of Fort Hood. That means they are killed, folks. Little girls get to go home to mommy.

If you could possibly rid America of all guns, some deranged little pervert could go to the boy’s PE locker-room, pick up a baseball bat, go to the girl’s shower, and commence to clubbing them to death. Prisoners in state jails routinely kill each other with sharpened toothbrushes. Murder is a matter of the heart. You may reason that the killer could get into the school and kill exactly as I just pointed out. They CAN. That’s the societal problem we face. A nation where we can’t discipline our kids, everyone’s a winner, and Tide Pods taste good. As the Good Book Says, The next well adjusted generation may start the first grade next September. The generation that is in middle, and high school now may be forever lost. Just as Moses and the children of Israel wandered in the desert until that generation was consumed. But we can reduce the body count beginning tomorrow!

Shut The Front Door

America Is Having A Heart Attack!

From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas

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