With Every Generation Comes The Pop

What’s in our minds?


With every generation comes the pop. This active shooter thing isn’t a flash in the pan. It’s a flash in a muzzle. Hearing the pop refers to the sound a bullet makes when it flies by your head. Kind of a little sonic boom. Once you’ve  heard the pop you’re never the same. Death was right there, inches away, maybe closer, maybe your BFF who swam in your pool the night before.

Our kids have heard the pop. It isn’t a political discussion to them. It isn’t some debated theory penned years ago. It’s a matter of life and death. In their own way every generation hears the pop. There have been too many pops in our schools to not rethink our values.

Back in my day it was Vietnam.  Stupid war, actually. We had no business there. Didn’t win nothing. As I watched my friend, Joe, die of Agent Orange I realized how stupid that war really was, and how stupid the government was, and is. About as stupid as this debate about school security.

People! What’s in your minds? Are you really weighing the cost of metal detectors against the life of your child? You pay five dollars for a cup of the sorriest coffee I’ve ever tasted, but you won’t give that much to see your daughter come home alive?

The enemy is different, but the pop is the same. Our children are fighting for their lives. My own grandchildren are going to a public school for eight more days, and I’m fully aware that an active shooter is counting those days. Somewhere a psychopath realizes he has eight days to make his mark, and someone will cradle their dead baby while the politicians pray for them, and city councils pinch pennies because family court judges are more important than children. No wonder the kids eat Tide Pods!

The kids don’t understand the constitution. They never read it. Their teachers won’t let them. They just don’t want to hear anymore pops. They just want to live. Every generation must hear the pop. If I were president I’d shut down every school for the summer NOW! Trump is so handy with executive orders, order the schools closed, and not opened again until every door has a metal detector. One police officer for every two thousand square feet. Every student should know they are safe as they study the constitution.

May justice be swift. Back in old time Texas, that  young man from Santa Fe would be dragged out of jail by a mob and hanged right in the street for all the people to see. Especially the students of Santa Fe. Suspension hanging,  it takes a while. This mayhem has got to stop. I can’t believe we’re even debating this.

Every day I get a little madder. Every day those kid’s blood cries from the ground, and every day we stall, and chatter, and pray. Well I pray too. In the words of Brigham Young, “Vengence is Mine saith the Lord, but I do take a little myself!” This generation has heard enough pop!

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