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In Silent Memory

Master Chief Wilbur Witt (Rtd)

Master Chief Wilbur Witt (Rtd)This Article is not designed to top the page. This article will not have great SEO, and the Tea Party Tribune algorithms will say the readability “needs improvement.” This article will not get me banned from Facebook, have the FBI banging in my door, or SWAT teams bouncing in through my windows talking into their slieves This article will not deport one single Mexican.

This article is to pause, think, and remember the thousands of men and women who gave all so I can write this article, and you, fellow Americans, can read it. Treasure the gift. In Britain this weekend, a young man was imprisoned for simply reading public records out loud. He will die there. In America people have died so you CAN do that. Think about it.

While we are screaming at each other it tends to drown out the voices from the thousands of graves all over the world. Some here where enough pieces were found to at least give relatives a place to come, and remember. Some never came home. General Patton never came home. He sleeps with his troops.

As you read the link in this article it is my memory of one of the soldiers who gave us the gift. Sgt Joseph Tarajos. Three Bronze Stars, a Silver Star, Purple Heart, and a Congressional Medal Of Honor, Vietnam. As Agent Orange drank his blood, he watched cartoons with my grandchildren. He then bequeathed his legacy to them. What he got was a plot in San Antonio. The Old Sarge had taken his last hill.

So today contemplate in silence. Remember Joe and all the others. Forget overpaid football players who didn’t give a flip about the plight of black people until he devised a publicity stunt that backfired on him. Forget about the sexuality confused adults whose only goal is to pervert our children. Forget about people who simply will not accept a legal election, and will not support a man who simply wants to Make America Great Again. Stand for the anthem today and remember those who can no longer stand. This article is for them.

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