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Missing children are STILL missing children!


DreamersMy Brother’s Keeper

I am in full support of President Trump’s efforts to secure the border. I fully understand that the circumstances have changed from the time when Pablo and the boys came over, kept their heads down, picked oranges, and sent the money home to mamasita to feed the bambinos.

The situation in Mexico has corroded. There is no Mexican Government. At least no viable Mexican Government. If there were, the population wouldn’t be jumping fences, and walking across deserts barefooted just to get away. Back when I made the obligatory high school field trip to ”Boy’s Town” we were relatively safe. It was rare that an American would be accosted south of the border. The very existence of Boy’s Town showed the Mexican understanding of young men at large, and the necessity of boundaries. Now, no one is safe in Mexico, not even the Mexicans.

The murderous rampage of the cartels doesn’t stop at the border. Their main customer base is on the other side. The depraved, rich, drug-addicted Americans. We created the market, and then got mad at the Mexicans for capitalizing on it. Swat them bees. Mexicans can’t afford dope. School kids in California can.

So, we can agree there is an issue along the border. Well, nowadays Pablo brings family. MaMa, Papa, pedophile brother in law, and all the kids. With the current political climate Pablo gonna get busted. Now, I don’t care if they put him in a catapult and launch his ass back over the fence. Hope he lands on something soft. But, then there’s the kids!

My fight against the Texas CPS (Child Protective Services) is well documented. A caseworker actually gave me the nickname ”Bill the Butcher” for my lack of conscience when dealing with ”the department.” When I wrote ”The 243” there were two words that slipped by unnoticed. ”And missing!”

The CPS makes a lot of hay bally-hooing” the phrase ”It’s all about the children.” Well, it IS all about the children! ALL the children. The color of a child’s skin, or country of origin does not make a child any less a child. We ARE our brother’s keeper!

I have a friend. Can’t tell you his name, but I will tell you he is a well respected police officer. I’ve met with him, talked with him, listened to him, and he has enlightened me more than anyone else on the subject of ”all about the children.” He is CPS! Through his efforts, and the efforts of others, the Texas CPS has began to turn around. In fact, it has become one of my goals to assist in that move toward a more effective department. I see it as our job to make Texas a sterling example of child protection for Texas’ other forty-nine bitches in these dis-united States.

I have seen the effects of a CPS gone wild. I’ve BEEN to Utah. When Brother Theo and I arrived there to sort out the issues arising from my granddaughter, Puck, we expected to home in on perhaps one case worker, effectively ruin her (or his) life, the department would throw them under the bus, and we’d be on our merry way. Garbage in, garbage out. What we found was a well established child sex trafficking organization involving the principal of an elementary school in cooperation with the supervisor of a local CPS office with a rubber stamp court and even a church to bless the mess. The principal would pick the child, groom her in his office, call the CPS, who would in turn show up, question the prepared child, go from the school to the child’s home, strike a case, remove said child (preferably a Gentile child) place them in an appropriate home in St George or like place, and place another order with the principal for another little girl between the ages of 10-11. Over, and over, and over again! Actually removing children because in their opinion the child didn’t have a good ”fit” in the birth home.

Can we agree that such a system is a tad out of control? Now, how about 1500 little Mexican kids? Are their lives worth less? I’d love to see how many kids we’re missing from Utah vs Texas. I’d bet less from Texas.

The CPS is charged to protect children. That’s why it’s called the Child PROTECTIVE Services! Not AMERICAN Child Protective Services, not MORMON Child Protective Services, CHILD Protective Services! The people who picked up these 1500 now missing children must all be Puerto Ricans because the official response was, ”Not my job, man!”

CPS needs to change focus. They ARE their brother’s keeper! When you pick up a child it IS your job! PROTECT the child. CPS should be at the forefront of many issues. School shootings! What’s wrong with case workers having seminars teaching schools how to be more secure. Let the cops and politicians worry about gun control.

The loss of 1500 children is not acceptable by any means. No amount if posturing, or flag waving will suffice. This isn’t a game of horseshoes. The Dreamers weren’t invited here, but they ARE here. Make no mistake. If I could tie a brick around the neck of every case worker in Utah, and pitch them into the Great Salt Lake, I would! And the ghost of Porter Rockwell would smile. But, if I could secure the safety of EVERY child in Texas, I would do that to. I AM my brother’s keeper!

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