Roseanne Barr

When is an amendment not an amendment?

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne BarrPolitics makes strange bedfellows. I never dreamed in a million years that I’d be defending Roseanne Barr, but here I am. You know, freedom of speech is a funny thing. Just like the second amendment, the first amendment is fraught with controversy. What is speech, what is free, and what is allowed.

While any company is allowed to call the shots on what goes and doesn’t go within their influence, it must be remembered that to make such decisions on purely politically correct reasons is, well, stupid and unAmerican. Naturally, all the snowflakes fell into line after the infamous ”monkey” tweet. Roseanne garnered sixty-three million dollars in advertising revenue, and ABC canceled her show because their shorts got in a knot. STOCKHOLDERS! Sell! Sell! Sell! Do you realize how low stream mainstream is right now? Only old farts like me watch it. The ”Z” generation just rang the death knell on Facebook and mainstream ANYTHING is next.

Remember ”All In The Family?” You know, Archie (Jungle Bunny) Bunker? And since when does a tweet play into a TV star’s ratings. Hell! They’re ALL crazy. Most are queer. The left is very suggestive about freedom of speech. Bill Mahr can compare Trump to a monkey.

I know surprisingly little about the woman Roseanne dis’d. The MSM kept using her initials, and I don’t even remember that. I seriously need to begin a twelve step program, but I digress. She might be a monkey, I don’t know. But that’s not the issue here. The issue is the mainstream media trying to filter everything you think, do and say. What happened to let ratings and revenue call the shots. Let the people who watched the show see if there are enough of them to keep it on the air, and NOT the radical left.

The Tzars of media are living in the past, and smoking far too much meth. Roseanne just became the poster child for freedom of speech. I will watch her now if it costs fifteen dollars a show, and buy every product that endorses her.

I submitted my articles to ABC until today. I wrote them a very precise note telling them to have anal sex with their attitude. Same goes for Disney’s Pedophilia On Parade. I was already disgusted with Disney anyway. Ever notice how most former Disney stars end up weird? Yeah. Just saying.

I never saw myself defending Ms Barr, but I’m here now. In an industry that just released a video game called ”School Shooter” I really won’t have to look far for stupid. And I will never watch ABC again.

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