School Shootings in a Nutshell


I’ve poured over endless articles, videos, and messages trying to understand school shootings, and why back in my day goat-ropers were bringing guns to school in their pickups every day, and no one got shot, and now we have all this gun control all over the place and EVERYBODY is getting shot. I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin but did I miss something here?

I’ve noticed some common elements. Psychotropic drugs are all mixed up in this. When you are prescribed such medications it means your nuts. You’re SO nuts they give you LSD’S first cousin to try to chase the devils away. Factor two is the nerd factor. The football hero ain’t shooting up the lunchroom. Oh, and it’s all boys. Girls don’t shoot.

Now the wig-heads will say I’m wrong, but Stefan Molyneux thinks differently. Special Ed seems to trump everything. Start a fight with a teacher, ten days suspension. Oral rape on the school bus, three. Bring a gun to school for a practice run, thirty days and don’t bring it loaded next time.

We need to do away with the ”special” in special Ed. And folks, this isn’t retarded kids. It’s spoiled brats with numb-nuts for parents that should have been sterilized after the CPS picked up the FIRST kid! There are so many ”special” conditions that it takes entire books to list them all. Add forty different genders, a tranny teacher, and one deputy hiding under his car and you get a full-blown gun control movement complete with an ex-president thinking he’s still in office.

I actually got hate mail from a libtard telling me games like ”School Shooter” have nothing to do with kids getting the idea to shoot up a school. I KNEW there was a down side to legalizing marijuana.

President Trump is building a wall on the southern border. He should build walls around our schools. Until then we need to pass laws against murder, assault, bringing guns to school, and giving a free pass to kids that commit felonies. What? We have those already? Well hell! Problem solved. Let’s all have a beer!

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