As Hominem


As Hominem

Ad Hominem

ad ho·mi·nem
ˌad ˈhämənəm/Submit
adverb & adjective
(of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

Ad Hominem is the stated purpose of Facebook. There are absolutely no discussions, debates, or pissing contests on that platform that do not eventually boil down to an ad hominem attack. Write that down, there’ll be a quiz later.

Mark Zuckerberg is wearing out menorahs trying to portray Facebook as a kinder, friendlier, family oriented place where birds sing, and little old ladies trade cookie recipes. Mark Zuckerberg is full of ad hominem up to his eyeballs!

I read an article yesterday about “Generation ‘Z.” Generation Z is the new improved Millennials. Yes, that’s right. While we old folks were wringing our hands about the Tide Pod crunchers, the younger kids were watching with a resounding, “WTF?!?” This generation has linked the Millennials with Facebook, noting that if said Millennials are idiots, it only goes to follow that their guru, Mark Zuckerberg must be one too. Sitting up there in Washington with the smallest shirt he could find, and the neck size was still too big, looking like Alfred E. Neuman’s incest baby.

What do you expect from the idea generated by two college kids looking for girls? Hence the name FACEbook! I guess the name Black Book was already taken. I titled this article ”ad hominem” because I knew that was beyond the intellectual reach of Facebook’s algorithms.

Those algorithm’s, by the way, are finely tuned for words and phrases deemed dangerous to the community by Facebook. Words like Jesus, America (which still won’t autofill on any of my devices) and especially Trump. Now postings such as, ”I’m going to school tomorrow at ten o’clock and shoot everyone I can until I run out of bullets” seem to skip by.

Liberals can dish out ad hominem, but can’t take it. You’ve seen it. Someone will say Trump is a monkey during a discussion on the finer points of fishing and if you say ”prove it, ” they freak, call you a racist and report you.

You’d think Facebook could write an algorithm that removes comments that aren’t in line with the topic. Guess you gotta get a Z generation kid to do that. Takes more than three lines of code.

Rosanne Barr fell from grace on Twitter, which is like the bastard child of Facebook. Her tweet was mundane. I can do better. Here, let me try.

Valarie Jarrett is SO ugly. . .

How ugly IS she?

She is so ugly she can’t find a date on Facebook in the dark. (Get it? Dark. . . she’s black.)

THERE! That racist enough for you? Has nothing to do with the topic of this article. Ad Hominem. Hey! I didn’t call her a monkey, did I?

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