Last Night’s Primaries

No blue wave, but a populist tide

Donald Trump

Donald TrumpLast Night’s Primaries were the news of the day. I apologize for running late today. I had to wait to read the results of last night’s primaries, and so-called “national reporters” aren’t as quick as I am.

” On the biggest day  of 2018, Democrats avoided the disaster in California they’d been fearing, while Republicans scored an important top-of-the-ticket victory. Bernie Sanders-endorsed candidates continued to flail, a Republican critic of Donald Trump hit rough waters in Alabama, and voters sent Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez a message in New Jersey.” (Politico)

Even California is tried of the nonsense. Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone west of the San Andreas Fault is batcrap crazy. I have a theory about that. The electromagnetic field generated by the fault, combined with the over use of marijuana neutralized their frontal lobes reducing their cognitive abilities to that of a rather mature cucumber. East of the line is just Texas with better weather.

That having been said, no one likes the homeless defecating on the curb, thousands of wild Mexicans chasing after their daughters, or taking a shower only two times a week because SoCal basically was so busy being a sanctuary it forgot that it’s really a desert and basically has no water.

The traditional lines between republican and democrat have blurred considerably. The old party hacks have tried to redefine the definition of what makes a democrat or republican by reinventing conservatives vs liberals, but all that did was give birth to two new parties, the Tea Party and RINO. Then there are the independents who march to their own drummer, ever how offbeat that may be. Basically the independent vote is up in the air until the curtain closes behind their backs in the voting booth. An independent may be all set to vote for Nancy Pelosi until they step in homeless poop on the way to the polls, and after that they’d vote for HITLER if he was on the ballot. Times they ARE a changing, and the traditional parties are dead as fried chicken! Write that down. There’ll be a quiz later.

What a politician SAYS he’ll do, and what he DOES once in office are two different critters. That’s always been the case. Old fools like me have always known that. Look at it this way. Some man (or woman) running for office to avoid going to work lies to you, and you’re surprised. Swat them bees. They be a-swarming. Liberals catch Donald Trump in a lie. Uh, DUH! And these supporters of gay sex simply cannot understand why a married man won’t come clean about paying a high end whore while his wife is pregnant. That’s called a ”dichotomy!” Oh, Obama never lied, huh? How’s that ”keeping your doctor” working out for you?

You will see a slightly different California after these Primaries. A lot of traditional liberal voters are no longer there. After creating the California we’ve all come to know and love, they all moved to Austin. They just THOUGHT San Francisco was gay! Everything’s bigger in Texas.

There will be no blue wave, in my opinion, but the tide is up. People aren’t buying sound bites, or talking points anymore. With the internet, all the sex scandals and bullets flying, a large part of the constituency is actually having to THINK before they vote for some crazy old woman who’s been in office since Jesus was a corporal, and wants to marry her granddaughter off to some MS-13 punk who’s been selling the kid crack for the last four years.

Trump is not a republican. He’s not a democrat. He’s a populist. That means he plays to whatever is POPular. His base is strong no matter what CNN says, and no, he didn’t kill his trophy wife and replace her with a body double. Sit your butt down Alex Jones. It doesn’t matter if Trump is re-elected. He’s put such a wrinkle in the political blanket that should he lose whomEVER sits in the Oval Office after him will surely feel the political winds that are blowing, and will do whatever is necessary to avoid going to work!

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