Luke! I AM Your Mother!


The Force Has A Powerful Effect On The Weak Mind. “Luke! I AM Your Mother!”

I like to stick it to FemiNazis. Well, let me qualify that. I don’t really mean “stick” it to them, I mean symbolically. How do you take a shoe-in hit, backed by two of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, and righteously screw it up! Just ask Kathleen Kennedy. I knew it was a bad move when Disney got out of child porn.

Solo comes off as a testimonial for Social Justice Warriors. You know. All that politically correct crap we usually go to the movies to forget about for a while. I haven’t seen the film, but then I quit watching Star Wars back when Reagan was president. My buddy, Spike, however, gets into all that stuff. He tells me that the Force is now a woman, one of the main character’s a Tranny, and Han Solo, well, he’s not Harrison Ford. If you’re old enough to remember Tarzan you’ll recall the character just didn’t have that jungle vibe after Johnny Weissmuller swam off into the sunset.

Spike says the film was laced with subtle and not so subtle references to the California life style. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. This sours the show for a lot of die hard sci-fi enthusiasts. They want gizmos. Light sabers, slightly beat up space ships, and a Princess Leia who had a little jiggle to her when she jumped up off that cot in the jail cell. Aren’t you ashamed that you remembered that. Can’t remember your anniversary, but THAT you remember! Anyway, I researched the film until my fingers were numb and couldn’t find one critic who’d say that out loud! Ok! I’ll say it. Solo is a weird film. We’re tried of weird. He left the White House last year!

This is exactly what I was talking about in my article two days ago. America has been in the freak show for years, and the ninety seven percent is TIRED of the three percent. Now, we can’t even go to the movies without the PC Po Po all over us. This turnaround in American common sense stems from the Trump victory. It took a while but everyday Americans are starting to act, well, EVERYDAY! The cake victory was a good start. And it’s not over. That cake never got baked but it sure burned up the gay community.

A big problem is, like the music industry, the film industry hasn’t produced anything original in years. It’s all cookie cutter. In my house we routinely figure out the entire plot of a film in about five minutes. All the so-called ”Pop” singers aren’t much better. Don’t run and hide country singers. You’re just Pop with a silly accent. Who talks like that?

Star Wars is forever done. It was lagging before this, but it’s fork sticking done now. The good news is that this will send an electroshock through Hollywood. Now maybe they’ll find some writers. Hey, I’ll be honest with you, when Ron Howard can’t pull a rabbit out of the hat there ain’t no rabbit. Guess we’re lucky Chewbacca wasn’t portrayed as a tranny. How’d you like picking up the soap with THAT standing behind you?

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