The Child Sex Express

Child Sex Trafficking in Utah and Arizona

Child Skull

Child Skull There is a well-established polygamist cult in Utah indulging in a very lucrative child sex trafficking operation. Utah was admitted into the Union in 1894 on the agreement that they would shed a few excess wives. They’ve been working on that issue for one hundred and fourteen years.

When you say things like that to card-carrying Mormons their eyes roll back in their heads, they get a white foam around their mouths, and they say, “We don’t do that anymore!” It’s true the official franchise of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints shuns “The Principle,” and will excommunicate any members caught indulging therein. The key word is “caught.” There’s around fifty thousand “F” LDS folks happily pursuing their happiness out in the deserts of Utah.

For Mormons to say the LDS is completely different from the FLDS is like the Methodists doing something stupid and the Baptists saying, “We wasn’t wid dem brothas!” According To Christian doctrine, we are all brothers and sisters, so unfortunately the homogenized Mormons have a first class seat on the Child Sex Express going all the way back to Joseph Smith, and his altar boy, Brigham Young, both being very fond of forbidden fruit.

Over the years the machine designed to harvest such fruit has evolved into a well-oiled combine. Hey, I never said they weren’t industrious. With elementary schools harvesting the crop, the Child Protective Services processing it, and distributors all the way from Brigham City to Tucson, Diaperena futures are GOOD!

The main children removed by the Utah CPS are girls from nine to eleven years old, and almost always Gentile children. Word of explanation needed here. Utah is a diverse place. There’s Temple and then there’s Not Temple. They don’t have separate water fountains, but they would if they could. Very few black folk there so they take Gentiles and make them the black folk.

So, little Susie Sweetcheeks, ten years old and of the Gentile persuasion catches the eye of the principal of a local elementary school. He begins to inquire of the little girl’s LDS classmates about things she may have said or whatever the angels may have told them. The principal, suitably alarmed, calls the CPS office, who comes running over to interrogate, I mean to meet with the child who nods her head appropriately. From there it’s off to the home. It’s always handy to bring along a detective to look for “evidence.” For the record, the evidence doesn’t really matter. God has spoken.

Of course, the little girl must be removed because she’s not a good “fit” with the family. Where does she go? Saint George, Utah to live with Brother Jeremiah and the girls! From there, there’s an ever so slight chance she may melt into Arizona. When she’s seen again she’ll look like that picture at the beginning of this article.

With the recent discovery of the rape camps in Arizona the liberals all jumped up to claim the camps were for immigrant children only. While there are Mexican children involved, by no means are they exclusive. Cracker girls fetch higher prices.

Then they ask for proof! These people are not on the DOW, people. The key word in Mormondom is “sealed!” Everything is sealed. Sealed to the Temple, sealed to the priesthood, sealed to the Joseph Smith Grocery Store. And if you think the LDS is sealed, check out LDS Lite down in Warren Jeff County, Arizona. That puppy is SEALED!

They sell little girls. As the graves are found, and the press closes in, the stories will spin, little girls will disappear and the Utah CPS will go to ground like a covey of Quail. The mainstream will get holy as HELL, and detractors will look like fools. Mitt Romney will tie his dog to the roof of his car and head for Mexico! You gotta get ALL these people. They’re like roaches. One stays, they all come back.

This is not an attack on Mormons. You should see what I think about Catholic Priests. This is a call for common sense, reform, truth, and decency in the halls of the Wards. Most Mormon people are very good. They’ve been taken in by people twisting their loyalty to groups using their conservative beliefs against them. Let’s derail the Child Sex Express!

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