Enough is Enough

The Second Coming of the Christian Right


PrayerFrom the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. Enough is Enough!

Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as withwomankind: it is abomination



Buckle up, I may be banned from here after this one. You know the more I think about the video with the man losing his job for writing a book on his faith, a book he wrote on his own time, the madder I get. You bigots on the left asked us to be more tolerant, we did just that, we gave you bigots the room you asked for, but tolerance goes both ways. Enough is enough! We as Christians are tired of your kind of tolerance. It seems that it goes in one direction and one direction only. We remained silent as you went out and a rammed your homosexuality down our throats, we remained silent as you you took God out of our schools and public places, we remained silent when you started shoving your special privileges down our throats. Well listen up asswipes, we are white and black, from Methodist to Mormon. All American Christians, deal with it.

We believe in God, just because you don’t, that’s okay. You asked us not to force our God on you and we didn’t, but you’re not going to force your lack of God on me nor you immoral values. Enough is enough! You’ve even shoved you perversion on your children. Just because you can’t figure it out, doesn’t mean you can force the rest of us into your chaotic world view. We are the Christians of the United States and we are not going to stand for your foolishness anymore. Knock it off.

You think Cappy is wrong? Even the #METOO movement is tired of the perversion.
#MeToo goes to church: Southern Baptists face a reckoning over treatment of women – NBC News

IF that’s the way you wish to live, then fine, live that way, but as for me and mine, we choose to live by a moral standard. The Ten Commandments define that standard. Get over it. God and the Biblical Principles define that standard. When the Christians were in charge, we didn’t have kids shooting up schools, we didn’t have kids back talking and smart mouthing their parents and teachers. Do you not understand what you’ve created? Back off or we will come back with a vengeance and retake our America. Keep your filth inside your homes where it belongs. Enough is enough!

Children all over the world are taking this as NORMAL. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

No one cares what you do in your own bedroom, but keep that to yourself, don’t come out in the streets and shove it down the rest of America’s throat and tell us we must be tolerant. Tolerance goes both ways. But you keep shoving your bad behavior down our throats and our children’s throats and people will eventually say enough! So yes keep pushing. You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a real Christian Revival. I’m still mad. I’ll get back to this subject in a little bit.

Yes the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas, has been provoked to say enough is enough!

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