My Family Is Mormon

What it means to be a Christian


Almost my entire family is Mormon.

LONGJOHN Mormon, and that’s about as Mormon as you can get. I am an Anti-Theist, which for me means God is God, you are you, and that is that! Bring THAT to Easter dinner and see how it works out for ya!

What looked like a contradiction over the last couple days was not. I took off after the child sex trafficking in Brigham City, Utah, and then turned around with Chappy, jumping all OVER “Queer as Folk!”

The Child Sex Express

Enough is Enough

It would seem that ne’er the two would meet, but Au Contrairé! They are perfectly aligned. Christians are called to correct each other. I do not believe that the First Presidency has anything to do with the goings on in Brigham City. I further believe that if they find out that ONE child has been abused in such a way all hell will break loose. That’s my job. As an op-ed journalist. I open the gates of Hell.

Chappy bore down on basic Christian truths. While we hear a lot about “acceptance” of a gay child, I do not believe any father holds his newborn son, looks up to heaven and says, “Heavenly Father, I pray my son is queer!”

There are certain Christian family values that hold to be self evident.

You cannot look up at the night sky and not perceive creation. You’re LOOKING at it! It doesn’t matter if you think you’ll go to seventh heaven or, like me, believe that God owes you nothing and at the moment of death, turn out the lights, the party’s over! We’re here now!

A certain percentage of any population will ignore the obvious and pervert the grand plan. That’s why they are the SMALLER percentage. The majority wants to live, love, make babies, and move in on them when they retire. No matter how different the theologies are across Christian denominations, the song remains the same. God made man, man made religion, and theology is man’s feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable.

I talk to Jesus every day. I don’t hear Him talk back, that would be schizophrenia. But He guides me. Little inner thoughts, and that “voice” permeates my every article. I expect Christians from Methodist to Mormon to hear and obey that voice. If a Christian Church condones homosexuality it is no longer Christian. I’m not saying harm the gays. I’m not saying don’t bake them a cake. I’m saying to follow the Gospel and teach your children well. I, with Chappy, call for a revival of Christian values, without shame. Jesus said if you deny Him, he will deny you before the Father. When you deny simple family values, you deny Christ, who ran the wood-shop and supported his mother and siblings after Joseph’s death. The fact that this carpenter fell three times trying to carry a simple cross beam shows what He suffered for you!

Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

But no one has the right to deny those three things to any other person. The “Three percent” needs to be aware that they ARE the “Three percent,” and not awaken the sleeping lion. He is not concerned with the opinions of pink sheep! FYI: There ARE no pink sheep. That’s unnatural. Just like homosexuality.

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