The Korean War Ended With A Handshake

Gangnam Style!


Kim and TrumpThe Korean War ended with a handshake

After inheriting a war bequeathed to him by his grandfather, Kim Jong Un extended his hand to a Donald J Trump and began the process of bringing peace, and stability to Asia. This showed that Kim has more on the ball than all the leaders in the Middle East. Let’s include the Pope in that last statement. Two men sat down and said, “This ain’t working,” and began the process of untying the thousands of knots binding understanding for decades.

Russia and China stood back and let the historic meeting play out. Even they realized that whatever came out of that meeting was better than what we had. Trump had called Mr. Un “Rocket Man, ” and Kim responded by threatening to drop a bomb on his bedroom. Both men extended their hands and took the first step toward understanding.

Asia is the oldest civilization in the world. China built a ”leave me alone” wall thousands of years ago. I can hear naysayers claiming the Middle East being older. The Middle East isn’t civilized YET! No leader there can raise his hand and say, ”Stop!” and it stops.

Kim inherited a bag of howling cats. Communism didn’t work, but that’s all he had to work with. Trump had his own bag of cats. No matter what he did, the liberals would find fault with him. Kim killed people put in place to kill him. Trump killed the specter of the failed Obama administration. Liberals still pray in Obama’s direction five times a day.

Neither Kim nor Trump created the situation they addressed. They just ended it! Will it be perfect? Probably not, but it’s a step in the right direction. Both men will have to sell it to their respective people’s. Trump with his usual flair, Kim may opt for a fire sale, but hopefully, for all the Korean people it will be Gangnam Style!

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