Trump Just Slayed Democrats and NaySayer’s


Yesterday’s meetings have all but guaranteed that President Trump will run again in 2020, and likely be re-elected.

He is too redneck, unsophisticated, bombastic, loudmouthed, and egomaniacal. His hair is all wrong; he is rich because he stole homes from the poor old ladies in New Jersey. Remember? For over two-years, we have heard virtually nothing positive from either the Democrats or the main-stream media regarding this president. Morning Joe (Joe Scarborough on his morning show at MSNBC) said as late as yesterday morning that Trump could not possibly be successful in Singapore because he had “not studied properly” for this summit. In fact, these “brilliant” political prognosticators eluded to the President embarrassing America because of his amateurish approach to the much publicized and heralded summit with Kim Jong Un.

This morning, most if not all of your morning programs will be dedicated to discussing this meeting and attempting to “find fault” with the Presidents success. Back to “Morning Joe” and his idiocy for a moment. These guys are slamming the President for being “too chummy” with Kim. They are spending more time on the Presidents criticism of Justin Trudeau of Canada and his comments from the other day than of the Presidents achievements yesterday in Singapore. If that is not bad enough, they are slamming Trump for not getting Kim Jong Un to agree to address his “human-rights” violations. Are these liberals really that stupid? The president and his team have a couple of hours worth of talks. I would think that investing that time in discussing the denuclearization process would be slightly more important for that moment in time. There will be many more meetings, and many more opportunities to discuss imprisonments and human rights.

Toss the dissatisfaction of the successes from yesterday out by the media, and what you actually have is a highly successful meeting by a President that nobody could have predicted just a short 3-4 months ago. In fact, nobody was predicting a meeting, much less a productive and successful session.

On the homefront, what in reality transpired yesterday was this. President Donald J. Trump destroyed the Democrats, the left wing media and the naysayer’s descriptions of the President’s political maturity. It is also killing the leftwing media that Trump accomplished something that no Democrat President was ever able too. This bragging, loudmouthed neophyte was able to bring a North Korean Dictator to the peace table and have talks about actually disarming their nuclear program, then on top of all that, get them to sign an agreement to do so.

Kim Jong Un has agreed to make his nation nuclear weapons free.

Yesterday’s meetings have all but guaranteed that President Trump will run again in 2020, and likely be re-elected. Yesterday’s sessions also more than likely promised that Trump would be nominated for a Nobel Prize. Between these two accomplishments and the amount of news surrounding this event, you can also take away that it cannot but help the GOP this fall in the mid-terms.


The ingredients that the left forgot to consider were these; Trump has an enormous amount of self-confidence. Trump has an ego that will not allow him to fail at most anything he does. While the left-wing media seeks to criticize the President for passing along compliments to the young Dictator, the part that they are all missing is that the President was using praise as a means of winning over the Dictator to make it easier to negotiate with him.

The second fact that the media is being very disingenuous about is; President Trump repeated over and over again that this is only the beginning of what will be years worth of talks. These talks in the future will cover many, many areas of concern, not just nuclear arms.

Patriots; Don’t be alarmed, it is time to celebrate. What you just witnessed was the very reason we elected this President. He is tough, he is unafraid to take chances, and he is very talented in ways we are just learning about. Yes, there have been times when he has said things that caused concern for me personally. I confess the “Rocket Man” comment bothered me, but in the end, the President was correct to say and do what he did. I applaud his stamina; I applaud his determination and his patriotism to our nation. Now if he will just tell the Democrats to sit down, shut up, and let the big boys run the show, we will all be better off.