Go Ahead Punk, Make My Day


”Go ahead Punk. Make my day!” C’mon, you know who said that. Clint never really shot anybody. Well, he almost shot Michael Moore. I’m talking about shooting someone that would result in some kind of charges.

We all like the movies. They lift us out of the day to day routine. We imagine ourselves in the place of the actors. We see the simple solutions as viable. Then we leave the theater and reality sets in yet again. Upset fathers don’t really roam the streets of New York with a .32 pistol causing a drop in crime, cars really don’t make the leap across a disconnected draw bridge, and Jody Foster is really a dyke.

So why do we listen to these cackle babble heads in a box when it comes to politics? Because that’s their business. Cackle babbling. AND they live in California. Need I say more?

California is proof positive that no state, or nation should ever be turned completely over to white folks. For years the only black guy in town was Al Jolson. Is that racist phony crap or what? That’s HOLLYWOOD! That’s what you’re listening to!

These people are in the attention getting business. The way it usually works is a writer puts words in their mouths and they ACT! Now, when it’s on the silver screen we know it’s acting. When it’s Robert DeNiro spouting off at some gala event with the LGBTQ writhing in their seats the definition becomes somewhat blurred. But it’s the same thing!

DeNiro doesn’t have any opinion, morals, or political understanding. He’s an ACTOR! They give him money and he’s says anything he’s paid to say. If Trump gave him ten mil he’d sit up there and convincingly tell you that whales speak French at the bottom of the sea. Then he’d leave to gang bang a Girl Scout troupe with Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein.

But this is the basket the liberals are putting all their eggs in. For the last fifty years sound bites, and talking points have been taken as political savvy. Especially when it’s delivered by some rock-jawed homosexual that YOU thought was on the Seal Team Six in his off time. You thought Bruce Jenner was a man’s man until he picked up his purse and put on a dress.

MAGA is a big ship. It wins elections. The democrats are losing ground, bit by bit. Whenever some libtard wins any election they go into full production. But more and more people are seeing things for what they really are, and the times they are a changing.

California will always be full of nuts. Just pick the country up by Maine and see where all the nuts roll to. There’s even a motion on their ballot in November to split into three states. One for each gender, I guess. Oh sure, there is Clint Eastwood and Charleston Heston, but there’s also Justin Bieber and ALL those guys on the Disney Channel. I know, I know, Bieber is Canadian, but Californication is a communicable disease. They all got the “clap!”

America made a “yuge” right turn in 2016. Liberals are slow to pick up on that, and that’s a good thing. Donald Trump is using their Saul Alinsky Bible against them. They’re too stupid to know that because they never READ Alinsky’s book, someone read it TO them. One sound bite at a time. Always remember, the ”Z” generation is in Middle School right now. They’re a bit different. When they come of age the solution for all these Millennials will involve a wall, and ”up against, ” and something about “mother,” At that point America WILL be great again. Go ahead punks. Make THEIR day!

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