Immigration for idiots


MexicanThe separation of illegal criminals, I mean undocumented Mexican vagrants from their kids has become the rallying cry for the Democrats. Hey, I ain’t even gonna lie to you. Just when you’d think Trump’s election would soak in the radical left spikes the football in HIS end zone and does a little victory dance.

Trump announced his run for the presidency, telling everyone that he was going to chase all the Mexicans out of the country and build a wall to keep them out. Yeah, I said it. MEXICANS! It works like this. If you are born in Mexico, then you’re a Mexican. My great, great, great whomever was born in Ireland. That made him Irish. I am an American. George Rodriguez is an American. People from California are. . . I don’t know what they are. Still working on that!

And they drag their kids over. Now, work with me on this. Cops come to my house. We had a party and things got out of hand. Cops prepare to cuff and stuff me, I tell them to hold on. I gotta bring my kids with me. When you are detained for breaking United States law your kids go elsewhere.

So liberal senators start showing up at detention centers to check the living conditions out. Living conditions? The kids just walked across the Mojavé in their socks! Never saw a Big Mac in their life until they were placed in that reconditioned Walmart that you and I are paying for. And that’s another thing. You’d have thought they would be put in a Home Depot. That racist enough for ya?

And these gay, communist, atheist supporters of open borders are throwing the Bible into the mix like a bunch of TV evangelists. I haven’t heard the Bible quoted so much in years. Our school kids sure haven’t. Finding passages in Leviticus about “not molesting” foreigners. Hey! I’m cool. Now check out what it says you can do with a slave or somebody’s kid sister you picked up during the last war. I mean if we’re gonna go Biblical let’s just buy some Trojans and git ’r done! Did that shock you? Hey, I’ve BEEN to Boy’s Town, ok?

Illegals are just that. ILLEGALS! And Mexican illegals are a special brand. Why do we treat them differently than say Italians? Because there’s a big difference between displaying the American flag on Columbus Day and forming La Raza! THAT’S why! Pitch a guy out of the country three or four times and he winds up shooting a girl having ice cream with her daddy. ”I did not know the gun had a bullet in it when I stole it!”

I love Latino people, especially the girls. I grew up in a Tex-Mex village. I was married in Mexico! Back in the day, I had nothing against Pablo slipping across the border to pick oranges. He’d go back, or get sent back and just come back next year to pick more oranges. Difference was, Pablo KNEW he was a Mexican! He kept his head down and didn’t protest in the streets. And he didn’t bring his kids to a situation that he knew could go bad at any moment. The ride is over, the wall is coming and we are making America great again so get a green card, Pablo!

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