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Borders for IdiotsFrom the Mind of a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. A Border is a Border

So they say separating children from their parents is cruel at the border. Using that logic, it’s cruel to separate any kids whose parents break the law. So does that mean It’s also cruel to separate a bank robber from their kids. Same concept, remember, they ARE entering our country illegally, they are breaking the law, so by law they should go to jail just like a bank robber. So the children get separated from the persons who broke the law, just like any other criminal who goes to jail. What’s so hard to understand?

These people come here, knowingly break the law when they cross the border, and under our current law, they go to jail. A law by the way that came into effect under then, President Clinton. So if there’s a zero percent policy in place at the border, you can blame the current laws in place on the Democrats. They were in control under Clinton. This is NOT an executive order, it’s a LAW!

The illegal alien detention centers are NOT like Nazi concentration camps. Jewish Holocaust survivors and their decedents should be offended at the Left’s phony comparison.  (George Rodriguez) 

President Trump is doing nothing but upholding the current laws set in place under Bill Clinton. Now there’s a picture going around of a kid in a cage, a kid who was supposed to have been separated from his parents. That picture draws on the heart strings doesn’t it? Now here’s the problem, do a little research, that picture was taken in 2014. That’s right 2014, under the Obama administration. So the question would be, Where was the outrage from these folks in 2014? Where was the outrage when the Obama administration was doing exactly the same thing?

We are a nation of laws, as I have tried to explain several times, in my travels around the world, I had to have all the proper documentation to get into any country I have ever traveled too. Passports, visa’s and in some countries, a written invitation from the company I was visiting, signed by the Consulate of that country. Yes, when I was supposed to have visited Moscow last year, I even had to collude with the Russian Consulate to obtain permission to travel to Moscow. You can’t just arrive at the border and expect to get in.

So why is our country expected to be different? Some countries I traveled to, if you didn’t have the proper paperwork, then you went to jail with no questions asked. Even now, if you want to travel to Mexico, and you don’t have the proper paperwork, you end up in a Mexican jail. So why is Mexico letting these people come through their country illegally to enter our country illegally?

Well heck, everyone knows I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. What do I know about such complex issues? Adios!

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