The Mexican Situation

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ChildThe Mexican Situation is not that complex. The fact that the most powerful nation in history is bordered by a third world nation that’s not even up to the par of Indonesia is an oxymoron! Let’s peel this onion, shall we?

Back when I was in high school, as I’ve told you before, I took the obligatory trip to “Boy’s Town.” Now, for all you virgins and Temple Mormons out there, “Boy’s Town” was a place set up just outside Nuevo Laredo for, well, boys! Beer, breasts, and burritos. The uninitiated would think this would be a highly dangerous situation for a bunch of sixteen year old kids to drive into. That’s right, I said, “Drive!” We took the car! Hey, it was even a Cinco Cinco Cheby, so the Mexicans we’re comfortable with it.

We were as safe as in our mother’s arms. The first thing the Mexicans did when we hit town was herd us out to Boy’s Town. The police there were trained to work with stupid gringo boys, and the girls and bartenders were trained to get ALL the money. Pesos were no good in Boy’s Town, by the way. The price of beer was whatever you laid on the bar. If it were a dollar, that was the price. A twenty? Well that’s how you learn. By making mistakes.

We, as other boys, came and went without being robbed, arrested, or contracting any STDs. There were rules of engagement. The girls worked out if little bedrooms situated along the main drag. The lady would stand in the doorway with a little iron pot just outside the door. If there were glowing coals in the pot, she was open for business. If not, you’d better treat her like your kid sister. Ever see a Mexican girl get mad? Don’t go there!

I wouldn’t buy a COKE in Mexico today! The country has degenerated into a situation that would make Cambodia’s killing fields look like Disneyland! The populace is being held hostage by the drug cartels and the government is too powerless or too corrupt to do a thing about it. The Mexican mindset of ”live and let live” combined with a pertinacity of minding their own business has fueled the flames of anarchy. And just north of there is freedom, work, and life!

I agree that we have to stem the flow fleeing across the border. The same criminals who ruined Mexico are mixing in with the refugees, coming to set up the same situation here that they did there. That having been said, the Mexican people are not the enemy. They are our neighbors!

The separation of families is heart rending. Ripping a two year old girl from her mother is an abomination before God. I fought the CPS for years because seeing that makes me killing mad. I come from a broken family. My mom and dad were always at odds and dad was always going somewhere far away to work. That marks you. To see a little girl crying while her mom is being frisked makes me wanna look for a big tall tree and a short piece of rope. Like Juan would say, ”I ain’t even gonna lie to you man!”

How do we fix this? Well the first thing we do is amend that law designating wetbacks as criminals. Clinton was responsible for the zero tolerance mess. Trump is just making the Democrats lie in the bed they made. If we were to march the family to the Laredo bridge and shove them back into Mexico the liberals wouldn’t have anything to bitch about this week.

We have to create a situation that makes Mexican people want to stay home. How about loaning them a couple armored divisions to kill all the cartels? That would be a good start. How about addressing the HUGE market for drugs HERE? Palo wouldn’t be MAKING so much cocaine if we weren’t SNORTING it! How about a real trade agreement designed just for Mexico? They don’t have any MONEY! You can’t unilaterally force a trade agreement on Mexico that was designed for Canada! Oh, there aren’t any Canadian kids being housed in reconditioned Walmarts at the present time. Just saying.

Mexico will.always be there. Just south of the border. The culture is hundreds of years old. You’re not going to change it. Work with it! No! We do NOT need the flow of humanity we have at the border right now. We declared a war on drugs. The drugs won. So now we declare a war on little girls. Shucks. Hope we win!

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