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The Butcher ShopThe Butcher Shop Cuts Meat! The country is in a furor over the events down here in Texas concerning the separation of families. Opinions vary from far left to alt right, and The Butcher Shop is no different. Here are some of our opinions.

My ancestors fought, bled, and died to form this nation from the wilderness after the tyranny of King George. I’m tired to hearing about Dreamers or people who think they can just roll in and soak up the benefits of what Americans have worked so hard for. I push a semi coast to coast seven days a week just to provide health insurance for my family and pay taxes while people piss and moan about the incarceration of people who sit back living free. The majority of the American population forged a nation, fought a revolution, and set up a system of laws that has held sway for over two centuries. The Mexicans can’t follow a revolution for two weeks!

I’m sorry to say it, but when I hear all this ”Native American” crap, too, they act like they were just sitting around smoking a peace pipe when the Europeans arrived. No! When they came screaming down from the hills they were met by descendants of the Vikings, Romans, Druids and Cossacks. I’m so sorry things didn’t work out for them. Go run the casino!

The black people are the only group that has any kind of legitimate complaint, but we don’t even owe them. We PAID them with over six hundred and fifty thousand white lives to break the chains of slavery. So, I feel really sorry for parents who try to invade the most powerful nation in history and bring their kids along. Go invade a Muslim nation with your little girl and see how THAT works out for you!

Brother Theo

Brother Theo


Can there be law and order without justice? Can there mercy without punishment? Can there be boundaries without limits? Can a nation exist without borders? Can there be immigration without limitations, qualifications, and security?

The illegal alien detention centers are NOT like Nazi concentration camps. Jewish Holocaust survivors and their decedents should be offended at the Left’s phony comparison.

Democrats in Congress don’t want to solve the “family separation” issue. They want open borders which allows illegal aliens to have the same rights, privileges, and benefits as lawful citizens.

Is it racist when a liberal asks me if I am a “real Mexican” because I am anti-illegal immigration?

George H Rodriguez


This is the Doc Greene solution for border control. Build the wall! On that wall put a tower every quarter mile. In those towers put a fifty caliber machine gun and a pair of binoculars. On the Mexican side of the wall have signs in Spanish and English explaining that anyone trying to come over the top of the wall or go under it will be shot! Problem solved!

Doc Greene


So they say separating children from their parents is cruel at the border. Using that logic, it’s cruel to separate any kids whose parents break the law. So does that mean It’s also cruel to separate a bank robber from their kids. Same concept, remember, they ARE entering our country illegally, they are breaking the law, so by law they should go to jail just like a bank robber. So the children get separated from the persons who broke the law, just like any other criminal who goes to jail. What’s so hard to understand?

Chippy Gypsy


We have to create a situation that makes Mexican people want to stay home. How about loaning them a couple armored divisions to kill all the cartels? That would be a good start. How about addressing the HUGE market for drugs HERE? Palo wouldn’t be MAKING so much cocaine if we weren’t SNORTING it! How about a real trade agreement designed just for Mexico? They don’t have any MONEY! You can’t unilaterally force a trade agreement on Mexico that was designed for Canada! Oh, by the way, there aren’t any Canadian kids being housed in reconditioned Walmarts at the present time. Just saying.

Bill the Butcher

There! Now you’ve tasted our mutton. How do you like it, huh?

The Butcher Shop
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