The Next Day

Always expected, never promised


Charles KrauthammerThe next day is something young people take for granted. No matter how bad the day goes, how much they drink or the lights get cut off, they hit the bed assured that the sun will rise and everything will begin again. At my age sunrise is never a sure thing.

The sun didn’t rise for Charles Krauthammer today. After a long fight with cancer, he went to sleep yesterday and never woke up. Young people traditionally waste their lives. It’s only in the autumn years that experience and wisdom begin to form some kind of reasonable plan, but by then it’s too late. No one is listening.

People listened to Charles. His brilliance permeated the airwaves from Fox News. I find it amazing that on all my news services only Fox announced his death this morning. He must have hurt the liberals real bad.

Great men do that. They ask questions about things lesser minds would rather leave alone. As they muddle through their day worrying about which restroom to use, or which fast food is in fashion, a Charles Krauthammer comes along and reminds them that the sun just might not come up tomorrow and today is the last next day. They don’t like that.

We all have to learn. We all make mistakes. We sit alone at night wishing there was a time machine that we could use to go back and change some little thing that in our thinking would make everything alright. Life doesn’t work that way. Life isn’t A moment, it’s a series of moments and they filter through all the next days that in the end make up a life.

You can’t go back and ”fix” anything. You have to fix forward. I often ask myself what makes a neo-liberal mind work. It’s simple. They think they can fix things by making the same mistakes over and over again, thereby lending some sort of legitimacy to ludicrous theory. And when their next day doesn’t come the world cries, ”Thank GOD!” Charles Krauthammer’s next day really didn’t come. come. He gave it to us!

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