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Thoughts on 1 Peter 5:6-7


It is important that we learn to humble ourselves and cast our care on the Lord. We shouldn’t struggle to believe that God wants us to lay all of our concerns at the foot of the cross, when He so clearly has told us in His Word to do exactly that.


God wants you to cast your cares upon him and live in peace.

Most importantly, consider this; Once you’ve prayed over something, and given the the problem to God, DO NOT TRY TO TAKE IT BACK FROM HIM. I know some of you are wondering what I mean here. If you start to worry or think upon that problem again in troubling ways, then you are not trusting God to handle the situation. And thus, you are taking it away from him, and telling him you don’t need or want his help. This is a sin against God.


We fail God when we insist on shouldering our burdens instead of giving them to the Lord. Only God can deliver us, and He wants us to know that. In every situation, He wants us to first humble ourselves and then throw off the cares and worries the devil tries to lay on us. It is possible—in fact, it’s an order. I want to encourage you to place yourself totally into God’s hands and allow Him to be the Manager of your life.

Now go, be productive and bless someone today. Deo volente

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