All Liberals Prevaricate In Debate


One thing I’m often considered exaggerated and “mean spirited” for, is the claim I make about “all liberals are prevaricating” in debate.

Sometimes I use the simpler word for prevarication, lying.  And some people assume I mean ONLY liberals, that is false.  Conservatives prevaricate, but do it far, far less, my research shows.

But my trustworthiness as a messenger and an honest man, requires me to justify my claims with verifiable and reasonable evidence and logic, which I will do here in 3 ways:  Survey results, logically, and lack of conflicting evidence.

The Survey

Mostly I make the claim because I found, in an estimated 10,000 debates I initiated with liberals over the last 18 years, my facts of support have never won a debate against any of them. These debates were 90% on social media and intellectual investment forums. I tried to find the most intellectual places with the nicest manners, not places with obviously stupid ranters and mockers. I looked for smarter, college educated liberals.

Conversely, I have hundreds of compliments from conservative leaning readers for clever, blunt, obvious, factual, logical and insightful arguments, so I know my arguments are sound.  I should not be batting 0.00000, with 2 “walks”, against 10,000 left handed pitchers.

Liberals always begin to use a false claim, and become angry or evasive at some point, as a false witness would do, when I challenge them on their false political claims.  Detectives routinely conclude witnesses are willfully hiding information when they see prevarication about a crime or a criminal’s behavior.  It is therefore reasonable to conclude political debaters are prevaricating when they act like they are prevaricating.  ( My research is here:  )

So, I have 10,000 “crowdsourcing” datapoints, but really, it is not enough to conclude “all liberals know they are prevaricating,” because I have not argued with every liberal on earth.  More support for the claim is required.

The Logic

The second part of the basis for the “100% of liberals are prevaricating” is based on the ideology of socialism:  Socialism is based on the lie people will graciously work together if the government can successfully, centrally manage the entire economy, industry and welfare.  History is certain this is a false premise, so false, most America high schools taught socialism has a lie-based, wretched, decadent history up through the 1970s.

So, logically, it would follow that if an ideology is based on historical lies, all the advocates would have to “prevaricate” at some point early or deep in debate, in defending their policies of their ideology.   Which is consistent with my crowdsourcing results.

The Lack of Conflicting Evidence

And finally, as a third argument, I have had a $25 reward for 8 years to anyone who can find me a liberal who won’t try to prevaricate in political debate.  No one has even tried to get the reward.  Go ahead, make my day – find me the fully honest liberal and prove my 100% claim is wrong.

My claim is simply a truthful, but frightening, observation which is much easier to dismiss by claiming I’m mean spirited, than to realize we need to deal with the truth.   The truth is our government is filling up with lies right now, and the lies are being spawned primarily by the advocates of socialism:  Liberals. Now in BOTH parties.  Liberals are Screwtapes’ students, deceivers, just as C.S. Lewis described.

We MUST organize a to defend our liberties and the ability to worship as we please.

John D. Lofgren
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