Let Her Eat Cake!

Fried Crow Anyone?

Red Hen Cafe

Red Hen Cafe

Let Her Eat Cake!

Did America move? When the Supreme Court handed down its ”cake” decision the conservatives rolled in that cake like a dog on a dead armadillo. Hey, I ain’t even gonna lie to you. I got cake on my back, too. Two Sodomites being shown the door after trying to order a fruitcake was a decided turn to the right. So refreshing after eight years of Obama. Well it’s all over now and it sure is Monday!

When Sarah Sanders was shown the door of an upscale restaurant the alt right started wiping that cake off their faces. What’s good for the queer is good for the steer! A couple years ago I told you people about that political pendulum that never rests in the middle. From gay marriage to no wedding cake, we have swung full right.

America was founded on human rights and capitalism. As the government grew it insidiously crept into the private sector. Now, what used to be private opinions became public policy enforced by law. That won’t work folks. It was wrong to not bake a cake for a customer and equally wrong to kick the Press Secretary out over her boss.

You haven’t seen the worse of it. Both sides have now fired volleys and the Supreme Court is handing out powder and shot. Cries of, ”Make America white again” ring through the land when the fact of the matter is America was never white. It was red when we got here. We ”invited” a few million black folk to pick cotton and some Mexicans to pour cement. The white supremacists are trying to reinvent a world that never existed.

If we don’t get a grip on this we will see a farther shift into demographic isolation until America WILL move. It’ll be in a museum where school children will come and look at it. They’ll never believe it really existed, just like it’s being accepted now that Jesus never did. Then they’ll leave and go to eat lunch. In the window of the café will be a sign. ”We Don’t Serve Niggers!” Eat that cake people! We baked it.

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