Not satisfied with 4% growth, Trump goes for 5%, ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’


Annual U.S. economic growth never hit 3 percent under former President Barack Obama, so when economic adviser Stephen Moore recently told President Trump that growth under the Republican could hit 4.5 percent, he expected the president to cheer.

“This is happening faster than we even predicted,” Moore recalled telling Trump during a short meet-and-greet at the president’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort in Florida.

But instead of breaking into a happy dance, Moore said Trump “just smiled and said, ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet.’”

It prompted him to recall that during the 2016 campaign, when he and Larry Kudlow, now Trump’s director of the National Economic Council, drew up a blueprint to reach 4 percent growth, the candidate reacted by saying, “I want 5 percent growth.” Times have not changed, Moore said in an interview.

Shadowed by other major stories and the media’s obsession with issues such as the Russia probe and Stormy Daniels, Trump has been quietly checking off campaign promises, the biggest being the 2017 tax cut, a massive reduction in regulations and energy development.

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