When They Come To America: What Immigration has done to the U.S


America is often perceived as the shining beacon of hope for the whole world.

And rightfully so.

However, with the issue of illegal immigration at the forefront of our countries conversation as of late, a few questions must be asked as we move forward.

Should America be the only one doing all the “saving?”

Should we as a country constantly be the only ones chasing the problems of the world in an attempt to fix them? How much can America take?

Let us consider what the mass influx of illegals and even legal immigration has done thus far.

Recently a Supreme Court ruled in favor of Trump’s travel ban he tried to implement throughout the first couple months of his presidency.

This travel ban seeks to halt all immigration from the following nations until “extreme vetting” procedures can be properly implemented:

  • Chad
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen

But did you know that six of the eight countries included in Trump’s travel ban have either sponsored Islamic terrorism in the past or have major issues with terrorism?

And those problems with terrorism have not kept the U.S. from importing foreign nationals from or born in these countries.

For example, more than 131,000 foreign nationals from Chad, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen have been admitted to the U.S. for permanent resettlement between Fiscal Years 2014 and 2016.

This is a foreign population that is nearly four times the size of Beverly Hills, California.

And as reported by Breitbart:

In Fiscal Year 2016, alone, the U.S. imported nearly 20,000 Iraqi nationals. In 2014 and 2015, more than 40,000 Iraqi nationals were admitted to the country.

Close to 51,000 foreign nationals from these six terrorist-prone travel ban countries were imported to the U.S. in fiscal year 2016, a population that is larger than many American suburbs.

Now, this begs the question why is it that we are filling up areas in our country the size of suburbs with refugees while the American suburbs itself are suffering?

And then there is the topic of the southern border and how to handle the mass invasion of illegals coming into the country.

The left in this country hasn’t offered ANY solutions in aiding to the safety of Americans by closing up our borders.

They would rather see America have no borders and welcome everyone in giving illegals everything as they please.

And sadly we have been an open border nation for quite some time now. And what does this cost the U.S?

Well, according to FAIR it estimates that there are approximately 12.5 million illegal alien residents. But that’s just the illegals we have kept track of. So you can bet the number is way beyond 12 million.

At the federal, state, and local levels, taxpayers shell out approximately $134.9 billion to cover the costs incurred by the presence of more than 12.5 million illegal aliens, and about 4.2 million citizen children of illegal aliens. That amounts to a tax burden of approximately $8,075 per illegal alien family member and a total of $115,894,597,664

Which one of you reading has ever signed off on allowing your hard earned money to be shelled out to support of this lawlessness? Me neither.

Additionally, approximately one in five federal inmates are illegally in the country. And according to the anti-immigration group Federation for American Immigration Reform, using data gathered from the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, 12.9 percent of all state and local prisoners in were illegal immigrants in California ALONE as of 2009.

Meanwhile we have 13 million homeless in America with over 1 million of these being children…American children.

Not to mention the children in poverty in our own nation.

According to the NCCP research fact sheet shows that among America’s poor children, 4.2 million are white, 4 million are Latino, 3.6 million are African American, 400,000 are Asian, and 200,000 are American Indian.

Yet, our government floods our countries schools, neighborhoods, and prisons with refugees and illegals practically saying: To hell with Americans!

How did we get here?

Sadly, weak politicians from all sides of the aisle are to blame for the out of control issue that is illegal immigration. They have refused to enforce our laws for many decades illegals demanding rights and sanctuary states have become an everyday norm.

And currently we have the leftist politicians advocating for the rights of children of NON-CITIZENS, illegals.

And the so-called Progressives act as if they really care that children are being separated from their families while American children continue to suffer. Please.

Now, of course we should take people in who need help. America has always been generous in assisting those who need a better life.

But what about helping our own people before others? Would you feed your neighbors children before you feed your own? Of course not.

Moreover, we should also be taking in more of those who can add to our society making us stronger.

And lastly, why aren’t we as a nation demanding that other countries fix themselves and follow America as an example of how a country should be?

How much more can we as a nation take remembering that we can only continue to help others in the capacity of how strong we are?