Trump: Women For Trump Founder ‘Brave and Very Smart’


President Donald Trump Thursday praised Women for Trump co-chair as being “brave and very smart” after she commented about being harassed and threatened following a weekend appearance on CNN.

“Amy Kremer, Women for Trump, was so great on @foxandfriends. Brave and very smart, thank you Amy! @AmyKremer” the president tweeted.

Kremer, appearing on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning, said she’s made appearances on CNN for years, but now, the hate has “ratcheted up to a level I have not seen before.”

She noted that the threats started last Monday, after she was on Erin Burnett’s show with CNN political analysts April Ryan and Joan Walsh.

“The next day, they came after me,” Kremer said of the people threatening her. “Then I was on several times, or a couple more times in the week, and Saturday morning I was on and Victor Blackwell and I had a good, spirited debate.”

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