You Don’t Have To Go Home. . .

But you can’t stay here


You Don’t Have To Go Home But. . .


In the last couple weeks the roar of the silent majority that put Donald Trump in office has become deafening. It started with that food fight over fruitcake, cleared the overbooking problem in Middle Eastern flights to the US, found Jimmy Hoffa’s body (It was in the Rose Garden by the way) and then tore into Harley Davidson over cheaper prices to Asia. God Bless America!

Now, Justice Kennedy has decided to go fishing and word has it that before it’s all over, a couple more liberal “Reptile Baits” sitting on the SCOTUS are going to their reward, eventually giving a decided 7-2 conservative slant to that honorable body that will prevail until Jesus comes back.

I’m gonna prophecy here. You can kiss Roe vs Wade goodbye. Gay Marriage? You’ll be damn lucky to keep interracial marriage. Minimum wage. Remember Clinton redefining what the meaning of ”is” is? Wait til Trump redefines what the meaning of minimum is!

THIS is that political pendulum people! I TOLD you this two years ago right about the time I told you Trump was going to be the next president when the crowd on the stage during the Republican debates was enormous. For you liberals out there scrambling to find Obama’s legacy . . . this is it! Now go and redefine ”backlash!”

Just so you know I totally agree with most of this. Obama’s political science absolutely did not work! He began with ”Hope and Change” and we ended up with a bunch of bull dykes dancing in the street with vagina hats on their heads. And you thought this would go on forever? Have I got a bridge for you! Matter of fact I’m running a two for one sale.

Strong medicine is hard to take. Trump has given the Democrats a suppository! Come to think of it, they might like that. Maxine Waters even foamed at the mouth yesterday, exclaiming that she was going to take Trump out ”herself!” Heeeeere’s your sign, Maxine. I further predict that not only will Trump win re-election, he’ll get a mandate. In 2021 he’ll be throwing Mexicans over the border with catapults. Smaller ones for the kids.

And what will the so-called world do about all this? Nothing! Nada! Wanna know why? Because they’ve been toking the same joint the liberals smoked for eight years. Well, you know what they say. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!

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