Heinrich Himmler’s daughter was employed by spy agency in post-war West Germany


The daughter of Heinrich Himmler, who led Adolf Hitler’s ruthless SS, worked as a secretary for West Germany’s spy agency in the 1960s despite never renouncing Nazism and remaining active in far-right extremism for decades.

The BND, the country’s foreign intelligence agency, confirmed to Fox News on Friday that Gudrun Burwitz-Himmler was employed from 1961 until 1963 as a secretary in Munich under a different name.

“The time of her departure coincided with the onset of a change in the understanding and the handling of employees who were involved with Nazis,” Bodo Hechelhammer, the head of the BND’s history department, in a statement.

Burwitz-Himmler, who was famously photographed with her father at various Nazi events when she was a child, was a notorious postwar supporter of the extreme right and remained active in those circles into her old age. She died last month in Munich at 88.

Source: FoxNews,com