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Who a police officer really is


BadgeThe People Have Spoken. I want you to keep that in mind as you read this article. The internet is awash with police abuse of power, or what some people perceive as abuse. I pulled a cork last night and watched police body cam videos for about six hours. Several things hit me besides the Jim Beam.

First, the hoops an officer has to jump through during any interaction with the public. Every word, every movement, every reaction from the subject! It’s like brain surgery. I ain’t even gonna lie to you. After I had to ask some idiot to please step out of the car the tenth time I’d PULL him out through the window by his (or her) HAIR!

And the people are all jailhouse lawyers. What’s so hard about handing a police officer your freaking drivers license during a traffic stop? “You were speeding, I need to see your license.” Simple. I’m just a Simple Ol Boy From Austin. Back when I was in high school getting your driver’s license was a rite of passage. It meant you could get a girl. We’d show our license to the DOG catcher! Now we have ”Sovereign Citizens!”

Oh yes! The “Sovereign Citizen!” They go by the Articles of Confederation believing they get to do whatever they want because they’re invisible. I watched one fool refuse to give up his license, get out of the car, and had a fake plate from the Republic of HIM! After practically the entire police department of this little town pleaded with the President of Stupidstan, one old crusty officer just broke his window out and let the dog jump in. That was . . . special. After flailing around the car for a minute or two, El Presidenté did exit with Rin Tin Tin hanging on his sovereign butt! Did I laugh out loud? Well. . . yeah!

Then there is the thing police officers do every day. Walk up on people who have a problem. Now, let’s face it. Whenever a cop interacts with you he or she is not there to give you a good citizenship medal. YOU screwed up, or SOMEbody screwed up, and under the law We The People personified by the officer is there to maintain the peace or adjust the situation accordingly.

You wanna know how stressful that is? Next time you’re at Walmart, just walk up to some big burly guy in a pickup, tap on his window, and say, ”Have a blessed day!” That’s crazy you say? Cops do it EVERY DAY! And they do it after some nimrod screwed up. Matter of fact he’s probably been screwing up all day and KNOWS it. And there’s a fifty fifty chance that he’s drunk, high, and got a gun. And the cop STILL has to treat him like the town librarian until he pulls the gun. Again, myself, I’d screw my pistol in his ear and say, ”Now that I’ve got all that wax out get OUT of the <BLANKING> CAR!”

Finally ”Shots fired!” Mandatory transmission from an officer involved in a shooting. The first ”shot fired” is invariably the citizen. Someone who is so stable he chose to trade an arrest for an existing warrant for a bullet or lethal injection. Most of the videos I watched showed the officer take said bullet before he could return fire. And cops are fast! I’ll give them that.

The men who tracked down Bonnie and Clyde

One thing that ran through all the shootings was the genuine remorse of the officer. Over and over the officer would be standing over a slain person crying, and screaming, ”WHY?” I’ll tell you why officer. You are the extension of the People! You are every little girl, every businessman, old woman, and yes, those who make mistakes or need help. You ARE that thin blue line between a civilized society and complete chaos! I understand your feelings when you have to take a life. After trying to keep all your ducks in a row and go by all the rules you had to fire your weapon. But, YOU are the PEOPLE! And when you gun goes off just remember you are the People, and the People have spoken. Thank you for your service, officer!

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