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Wheelchairs for Warriors

Wheelchairs for Warriors

Houston, Texas Wheelchairs for Warriors was founded to meet a unique need within the rescue and service community, those who are disabled in the line-of-duty fighting for our country or rescuing people in harm’s way to include Combat Veterans, EMS, Firefighters, and Peace Officers.

Wheelchairs for Warriors provides custom-fit, complex, rehab mobility solutions that are designed for their specific needs depending on their injuries and lifestyle needs. These wheelchairs can be operated by head, finger, foot, shoulder, puff of breath, eye movement, etc. The devices can elevate and recline providing comfort and access while also providing relief to pressure points. The adaptive machines are designed by Paul Morgan, their Complex Rehab Seating Specialist.

“Heidi Hansing (Army veteran/Co-founder) and our team were so proud to present our first hero with this incredible wheelchair, who few ever receive because of the expense,” said Crystal Laramore, CoFounder/Executive Director of Wheelchairs for Warriors, “We are so appreciative of everyone who attended and contributed to making this possible. We are just getting started and we are excited to see what God does for others, who so deserve a chair like this given their sacrifice to our great nation.”

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