The Truth about the Trump/Hitler Delusion


What better way to try and escape your party’s racist history then to blame the other side accusing them of which you are guilty?

That is exactly what the left has tried to do to conservatives in America.

For decades leftists have tried to pass the blame for opposing slavery and fighting against civil rights for black Americans on conservatives.

But they also have tried to blame the right for their fascist Nazi roots as well.

Case in point is the huge protests that took place over the weekend in Washington D.C.

The protests took aim at the Trump Administration complaining about Latino families from Central America being separated at the southern border after they enter the US illegally.

And despite the president’s executive order to stop the separation of families that was signed last week, the protesters still marched with signs comparing Trump to Hitler.

Additionally, some of the signs pictured depicted Trump as a baby killer, an inhumane person, and some called for our nation to have open borders.

Tell me, when did the line between illegal immigrants and LEGAL immigrants become so skewed?

When did simply enforcing immigration laws become inhumane and “just like Hitler?

Has Donald Trump traveled to Central America and Mexico rounding up individuals due to their race and beliefs dragging them back to America to exterminate them? No.

Has Trump captured those crossing our border because of their skin color and beliefs to eventually mass murder them? No.

The truth is there is absolutely no comparison between President Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party leader and dictator of Germany in World War II.

And if you look a little more closely at Hitler and the Nazis, you’ll actually find they’re ideology was much more close to the Lefts worldview than the right.

In an interview with Fox and Friends author Dinesh D’Souza said:

“Hitler wasn’t even talking about immigrants. The Jews in Germany were German citizens. And so for Hitler, the distinction was inside of Germany between what he considered to be the superior Nordics and the, sort of, inferior Jews,” D’Souza said.

“So there’s simply no valid analogy here between Trump and Hitler on this racial point at all,” the author added.

Yet, somehow the left in America is obsessed with making everything a race issue.

Additionally, the Nazi party was also called the National Socialist Party. It used to be called the German workers party but Hitler changed it to reflect their socialist views.

I once had a debate with someone who said the Socialist party of the Nazi’s is different than the socialists we have today.

How so? Hitler said this himself:

We are socialists, we are enemies of TODAY’S capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, unfair salaries…we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” -Hitler May 1 1926

Which political party right now talks about a socialistic society and hating on the wealthy?

In fact, the left doesn’t even hide their socialistic views anymore as a young lady by the name of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has proudly embraced the label.

Socialists are socialists. There’s no in-between.

Furthermore, Hitler also was a fan of forced sterilization, euthanasia, and abortion in ridding society of the racially “unfit.”

And conveniently for Hitler and the Nazis the same practices were being used right here in America by the so-called “progressives.”

Margaret Sanger, founder of what is known today as Planned Parenthood, was part of a community of American progressives who championed two remedies to get rid of “unfit” populations.

The first was forced sterilization and the second was euthanasia.

Euthanasia basically involves killing off the sick, the aged, and the physically and mentally disabled.

In fact, one of Sanger’s colleagues, the California progressive Paul Popenoe, called for “lethal chambers” so that large numbers of “unfit” people could be systematically lined up and killed.

The Nazis learned about these American programs and adopted them.

A man named Edwin Black documents in his book The War Against the Weak, the Nazi sterilization law of 1933 and the subsequent Nazi euthanasia laws were both based on blueprints drawn up by Sanger, Popenoe and other American progressives.

And today the vision of the Nazis and Margaret Sanger lives on as more black “unfit” babies are killed due to abortion, than are born.

Which party today is the party that favors and protects Planned Parenthood? The Nazis would be so proud of American progressives!

And lastly, Adolf Hitler oversaw the slaughter of six million Jews, as well as the murders of millions of others, including Polish, Serbian, and Russian political prisoners; the mentally and physically handicapped, gypsies, and gay people in concentration camps across Europe during World War II.

The Nazi Holocaust of Europe’s Jews is considered the most infamous genocide in modern history. Hitler’s victims were gassed to death, forced on so-called “death marches,” lined up to be shot in firing lines, and had their remains burned in crematoriums.

Others starved to death or died from illnesses and diseases spread throughout the camps.

And all this is just a quick little review. As you dig deeper you’ll be so disturbed at just how closely “progressives” have been using racist Nazi tactics all along.

So, is it right to really compare Trump enforcing immigration laws to Hitler’s racist genocide? Of course not.

It’s just the left once again blaming those they hate for their own evil mistakes.