Assault on Liberty

Why the Left is failing


LibertyI give you the Statue of Liberty, now the symbol of lame brain leftist demonstrations amounting to squat! This is one of the many reasons Donald Trump will get a third term. And hey! These nimrods ran the country for eight frigging years.

For eight years WE were in the concentration camp the democrats keep screaming about. WE worked and supplied the food stamps. WE had to endure the liberal Supreme Court rulings that made no sense at all. WE had to live through an election where a lesbian married to a rapist was viewed as a viable presidential candidate, and WE elected Donald J Trump! Now THEY have to suck it! Don’t go anywhere democrats. I’ll get you a towel.

So, the latest assault on liberty was an actual assault on Liberty. Some idiot climbed up and camped out under Lady Liberty’s right foot. I remember as a Catholic, statues of Mary frequently have that foot firmly planted on a snake. One could only hope.

This demonstration meant absolutely NOTHING! Abolish ICE? How about abolish food stamps. How about abortion. Maybe affirmative action. How would abolishing California work out for you. I could solve the immigration issue. Stop ALL immigration and only let people in who pay a ten thousand dollar fee that goes to Trump’s re-election fund.

Trump just keeps knocking those balls over the wall, and the democrats don’t have the balls to stop him. Idiot on the Statue of Liberty? Is that all they’ve got? And the Main Stream Media all over it. The wattage they used for that could’ve been used to power chicken coops in Jonesboro, Arkansas. At least we’d have gotten eggs!

We’re winning folks! Don’t get discouraged. MAGA! They hate that word. Liberals hate America, and they hate themselves. Be of good cheer. The liberal race is dying out. They don’t know where to pee, who to breed with, and live on Tide Pods. At least the dinosaurs needed a comet.

America has been constipated with liberal nonsenseachosis for years. President Trump came along with the enema and he sure knew right where to stick the hose. I’d have stuck it in that stupid wench camped out on Lady Liberty yesterday. “You may feel a little pressure!”

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