From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas Thirty Days in the Hole

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Shell GameFrom The Mind Of A Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas Thirty Days In The Hole

Remember the scene from the movie “Men In Black” where the lead agent takes a copy of something like The Enquirer off the checkout rack in a supermarket, and begins to feverishly go through it for leads on their case? The other agent questions his method, and is told the Mainstream gets it right “sometimes!” THAT’S where the Mainstream has sunk to! Far below the supermarket rags. If the fish wrap newspapers tell you such and such movie star has cancer and is hiding it, he/she is probably already dead.

I have a liberal friend and let’s call him Michael who says that calling it fake news is just another way to avoid debating the facts when given.

Well, to be honest, the mainstream media should actually present the facts, but instead, they have migrated into opinions instead of facts. It doesn’t matter which news source you listen to, whether it be CNN, MSNBC or Fox News, it really doesn’t matter, they’re all fake news sources. Everyone of our news sources are pushing their own agendas and it’s geared towards dividing the people. The sad part is, they’ve been doing it for well over four decades.

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Long gone are the Dan Rather’s, Walter Cronkite’s, Peter Jennings’ and Tom Brokaw’s of the news media. Today we don’t get actual news, we get opinion pieces. Opinions by people who deliberately set out to divide the people. Remember, United We Stand, But Divided we fall? They want us divided, they want us infighting because as long as we fight each other, then we lose sight of what’s really taken place behind our backs. Our televisions have become the best propaganda tool ever created and these people know how to sway public opinions.

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I first learned how ridiculous our TV’s were back in the 1980’s. I went into the Marine Corps. I spent 72 days in boot camp and managed to earn the title United States Marine. While in boot camp, we went 3 months without ever seeing anything on TV. You ought to try it sometime. After boot camp, I came home on leave, and I saw the TV and their programming for the first time in almost three months. Wow! was all I could say. The stupidity was unbelievable. Yes, they think we’re all just that stupid. But to see how they’re doing it, you have to turn it off and walk away from it.

I’m serious. If you really want to understand how they are programming the people, just turn your TV off and walk away from it for thirty days. Do not watch anything, read a book, work in the yard, hell, have sex with your significant other, but do not turn that TV on for thirty days. After thirty days, turn it back on and watch. You’re going to be amazed at what you see. After deprogramming yourself, things will become really clear. Fake news is real and not just a way to dodge a debate. Do thirty days in the hole and you’ll finally see what the fuss is all about.

These people are programming you and you’re not even aware they are doing it. They’ve been at it a long, long time.

Well, I digress, everyone knows I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. What do I know? What have I figured out? Fake News! Y’all, Have fun and try to deprogram yourselves. You might see the world in a different light. Happy epiphany! God Bless!

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