The Last Picture Show Update

A little sidetrack for a Friday afternoon

Bill the Butcher

Bill the ButcherI do this now and then. As you may or may not know I’m writing yet another book, “The Last Picture Show” which is a loose autobiography. I’m taking it slow and easy but it’s coming along. Included another chapter today and in true form I’m running it up for review. Now, before everyone turns into a critic be advised that this is a DRAFT! Very raw. It takes as much or more time to edit a book as it does to write it. 

That having been said, it IS mildly entertaining, a bit politically incorrect and a reflection of time gone by. I didn’t hold anything back so if you’re looking for all “phobics” homo or otherwise, they’re there for you. 

It shows the simple, direct society I grew up with. People were more close knit. And I mean street by street. My world in Shreveport was Milton Street. If I wandered to Youree Drive I may as well have been in Wisconsin. 

So click the cover below for a free read of the first six chapters of the picture show. Bring a grain of salt with you. I try not to lie. . . much. Mostly all in fun to take the edge off on a Friday afternoon.


Book cover
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