The Trump Train Choo Choos Right On Down The Track

Put another shovel of coal in the firebox


Bull StatueAmerica’s heartland was suffering a heart attack when Donald Trump took office. Yesterday is was revealed that there are more jobs than there are people to fill them. Another article said farmers are “betting” the farm on the president, and haven’t lost faith in his policies and leads.

These stories were essentially the same across all main stream news services. The only difference was you could hear the liberal leaning sources gritting their teeth as they read off the numbers. China fired a tariff volley across our bow as Trump let them understand that if they want to dance, they gotta pay the band.

Meanwhile the democrats are still crying over spilled milk down around the border. The Trump administration has been ordered to locate all separated children under five years old by today, and reunite them with parents by Tuesday. Now let’s work this. Locate by today. Dems think it’s atrocious that the Homeland Security lost twenty five hundred kids. Shucks! Child Protective Services does that all the time and the democrats pay them to do it. Reunite. Hmmmm. Mommy and daddy are in jail. Guess we have to invest in small cots for jail cells. If we follow that reasoning I know a boatload of women in the prison at Gatesville, Texas who need to be reunited with their kids by Tuesday! Oh! My bad. Those are Americans. No get out of jail free card for them.

The liberals are so mad they’re throwing cokes at teens in Whataburgers down in San Antonio. Yeah, you heard me. Some knucklehead snatched a red MAGA cap off a kid’s head and threw his drink in his face. For all you Nortés out there, a Whataburger is the Texas equivalent of Burger King, only with real burgers.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Obama is still running his shadow government. Hillary is still blaming everyone but herself for being too stupid to win a rigged election. If you’ll note, in spite of all the cackle babble coming from the left about Trump’s tweets HE didn’t smash his phone to hide what’s on it! And he didn’t have a one room fire that just so happened to be the room where all his servers were at.

The “Special Council” continues to look for Russian Dressing in the White House kitchen. You know when I was in school we had “Special Needs” kids who had to go to “Special Class.” “Special Needs,” “Special Kids,” “Special Council.” It’s always nice when everyone knows their place. Meanwhile MAGA hat sales are going through the roof, Ivanka gets prettier every day and in spite of all the hoopla about pitching wetbacks out of the country the price of lettuce did NOT go up! Throw another shovel of coal in the fire box of that Trump Train! Choo Choo!

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