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    Girl behind fence

    Girl behind fenceFrom The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas  License

    So you want more license and control from our Federal Government?

    Be careful what you ask for, You want the Federal Government to take over, well just wait and see what comes next. State Laws have just been nullified.

    The court decided that the Constitution, despite lacking any language saying so, promises everybody a “right” to a “license” to marry. That statement on its face should set your reason thermometer to absolute zero from the start. Let’s see why. Then apply the same reasoning to anything you have to get a license for.

    First of all, a “license” is an indicator that you do not have a “right” to do something. Licenses are a thing government issues, specifically to prevent someone from doing something until they get government permission to so do. They are, by their very definition, a constriction on rights, a limiter of freedom. To license a thing is to outlaw it, and to then grant one permission to break that law. To say that you are fighting for gay “rights” by seeking to have licenses issued to them, is not just a complete failure to understand rights, it is a complete failure to understand rudimentary English. Getting your “Gay Rights” codified just nullified your Gay Rights! I think the phrase was, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Of Happiness? Now you can pursue your happiness if the government says it’s okay!

    Secondly, if a government is going to exist, it helps if it has some basic rules to follow. Despite the bizarre reasoning the court used to justify its decision, there is nothing in the US Constitution which defines, mentions, or guarantees marriages. Absent an amendment, marriage is a thing the Federal Government has no role in whatsoever. So to the extent any government entity is to be involved, it is a matter for state and local governments to handle.

    Every license I ever had needed renewal. Drivers license, Real Estate, FISHING license. The government doesn’t sell your rights back to you it RENTS them. If there is a such thing as a “Marriage” license it should work like this. You meet a girl in Vegas. One thing leads to another and the two of you end up in the Elvis Wedding Chapel, complete with The King singing “Love Me Tender” from the great beyond. So, you both fly home in marital bliss. A couple years later you have discovered that all of “Miss Right’s” luggage wasn’t just what you saw on the plane. You realize she wasn’t so much “Miss Right” as she was “Miss Right Now!” You sit down and tell her, “Becky, after due consideration I’ve decided not to renew the license this time!”

    If the Supreme Court has any purpose to interfere with state and local laws, it is to strike down laws which are in contradiction to the Constitution. This cannot be said of state marriage laws, since marriage appears nowhere in the Constitution. The court has allowed ever greater restrictions on guns, and ever lessening restrictions on searches and seizures, even though striking down such encroachments on freedom would actually expand liberty and suit their purported purpose. So why the sudden concern for the wellbeing of gay people?

    The answer is quite simple. To expand federal authority, centralize power, and give the left a win that they would never be able to accomplish through elections. Did Someone say “Prop 8” out in California?” The People Spoke loudly, and were promptly slapped down by the court. While portrayed as being a lessening of restrictions on gay people, it is an increase in the power of the court and of the federal government, which could just as easily be used to federally ban marriage, homosexuality and or guns entirely in the future.

    Think about this and think real hard.

    When they issue you a license, they are granting you permission, when you have to have permission, it is no longer a right. Think America. Soon there will be no more rights.

    But what do I know, I’m just a Dumb ole Biker from Alvin, Texas. Do we really want our government controlling every little aspect of our lives? SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!

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